Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chocolate Malts

The cure-all from my grandma was a chocolate malt. I was reminded of this last Friday. I was leaving work, and a man had Braum's in the break room. He was eating a cheeseburger, crinkle cut fries and had a chocolate malt with strawberries and bananas in it. I started obsessing about a chocolate malt on the spot. So, after I got the girlie-ohs from school we went to Braum's where I indulged my fantasy. It was divine.

My mom worked at the school when I was growing up. She drove the bus and worked as a teacher's aide during the school day. The principal she worked for would not let her have sick days. I remember one time I threw up in the hall, and Mr. Mills, the assistant principal took me home because my grandma was unable to come get me. The principal himself took me home one time because there was no way to get me home. That was a trip I shudder to remember! I can assure you, I was really sick if I had to ride home with them. I think I would have suffered through if it was at all possible.

However, the best times were when I was sick, and maybe not as sick as I could have been....My grandma would drive the 26 miles to town and get me. She usually had to make a stop before we could go the drug store. The drug store complete with a soda shop. It was just like the ones you picture in old movies..they had all sorts of wonderful things you never knew you needed. They had toys, makeup, jewelry, cards, home decorations, medication (of course), and best of all A SODA FOUNTAIN! Grandma always got us each a chocolate malt. Yum...I thought I satisfied the craving, but thinking about those chocolate malts shared with my grandma make me crave one all over again....

Of course thinking of my grandma also makes me crave canned tomato soup, Totino's frozen pizzas, and chocolate cupcakes. The cupcakes were actually from scratch, and she was known to make these for supper. She also makes egg noodles that are to die for. And broccoli cheese and rice casserole. And deviled eggs. Pea salad (okay this may not sound good, but if you saw the quantity of cheese in it you'd understand). Oatmeal cookies. A never ending supply of snack size Snickers. Werthers. Brach's butterscotch candies...Oh, I could go on and on...But I think I just gained 5 pounds thinking about it! Sadly, not one healthy food reminds me of my grandma.

Go to your local Braum's and get a chocolate malt today! You'll thank me for it. I PROMISE!!

Post Note: I'm sorry for any of you who do not have a Braum's where you can partake of their fabulous ice cream and dairy story. I feel your pain. I lived apart from Braum's for nearly 4 years. It was a sad, dark period...but we are now happily reunited. Thank goodness.

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Becky said...

Don't have a Braums and I'm not fond of malt. Is my lack of Survivor viewng driving a wedge between us? Nah. lol.

I hear you about the unhealthy grandma memories. Unfortunately I have inherited her passion for creating fattening sweets.