Saturday, April 11, 2009


Don't you love when you have "Good Mommy" days? We spent today doing fun, messy activities. You know the ones. You spend 30 minutes preparing for fun. The kids plow through the activity, and flit away...leaving you with the clean up. Can anyone relate?

Confession: I LOVE to color Easter eggs. Studmuffin and I used to do it before we even had children.

Since we've had children, I've loved having an excuse to color eggs. My friend Jenny had never colored eggs, or allowed her children to until she met me, and I nagged her into participating. She called me this week, and said she plans on doing it with her 4 girls this week! You see, now that her kids know about the joy of egg coloring, she will be guilted into doing it until the end of time. Unfortunately for her, 450 miles is a bit too much of a commute for me to continue to keep the mess at my house. You're welcome, Jenny!

Warning: Drastic topic change.
Jenny had also never popped fire crackers, nor allowed her children to. One July 4th they were moving into a new house. I was watching her 2 oldest girls for her. We went to buy fireworks. Her oldest said "My mom would be totally freaking if she knew we were doing this." Uh-oh. I called Jenny. Jenny said, "That's okay. I know you won't let them do anything that blows up." I refrained from pointing out that the very essence of fireworks is, well, explosions..... A mere 12 months later and she had come over to the dark side...Her 2 oldest were popping like crazy while her hubby and mine were setting off the bigger fireworks. She once told her mom that any time she was too afraid to let her kids try anything, all she had to do was send them over to me and eventually they'd get to do it. Using sharp knives (we made salsa), fireworks, bullying them into get the idea.

Return to subject matter:

This year I bought some glitter glaze paints and the girls painted their eggs with the glaze after coloring them. Let's be honest, here...I painted my eggs too. I was totally bummed that I only bought 2 dozen eggs. Considering 3 cracked while boiling, that only left a mere 21 for me to divvy up with the girls. I sacrificed and let them each have 8, and I only did 5. Yeah, I know....My generosity is overwhelming!

Studmuffin deferred from participating this year. He was busy working on the infamous backsplash and building a fence around the pool filter. Somebody's puppy chewed up all of the electrical cords to the filter. So, obviously he was occupied repairing the cords too. I always knew the knowledge he gained from repairing those extension cords he tended to cut in half with the hedge trimmer would come in handy.

Bookworm and Studmuffin went out to practice hitting balls, and Popcorn and I made some Easter treats. The other day I saw some Easter eggs made out of Rice Krispie treats. They had dipped them in colored almond bark. We opted to go with the classic recipe. We divided up the melted marshmallows into 3 bowls and colored them orange, green, and blue. At least it was blue until Popcorn added a ton of green food coloring to the mix to see what it made. Surprise! It made a sort of teal color that almost exactly matched our green. Oh well, remember, it was "Good Mommy" day. I restrained myself from complaining. I know...Amazing.

One more thing, and I will let you go to prepare your own delicious Easter treats....In the middle of coloring eggs Bookworm looked at me and said, "So, are you Santa too?" My heart skipped a beat. I widened my eyes, did a tiny shake "no" then looked at her sister. She dropped it immediately. I guess I was that the Easter Bunny has been debunked, Santa is next!


Dawn said...

That looked fun! We didn't color eggs, but I did make Easter Baskets! And I love your yummy new RED backsplash! So I guess it wasn't too much color???

Marilyn said...

And she wants to know all of this before she is even in the 4th grade. She is smart!!!

Becky said...

We colored eggs but you out good mommied me by a mile. Cute rice krispie eggs. I'll have to remember that for next year.