Sunday, April 5, 2009

I was working in this bridal shop....

Can you believe someone hired me to work in a bridal shop? Not as a cleaner, or any form of manual labor, which I would have excelled at, I assure you, but as an actual sales associate! No joke!

I was 20 years old, very newly married (a whole week) and I was job hunting. I saw an ad for a bridal shop and thought "Hey! I just got married! I know all about that! I'll go apply." And I got the job. Okay, I feel the need to give you more info...Yes, I had just gotten married. But, I had made very few decisions. My family did all of the planning. I borrowed my sister's dress. I just showed up, said a few lines, and moved on. Why on earth I thought I knew anything about planning a wedding is beyond me...

But, now I was working in a bridal shop. Advising blushing brides on their dresses, veils, invitations, tuxes...basically everything.

Ummm, one small problem here....Remember me, the Queen of Cheap? Can you imagine me encouraging a woman to spend thousands of dollars on her dress when there were perfectly fine ones for a fraction of that? And quinceanera dresses (fifteenth birthday debutante dresses)? Forget about it! Those families would come in with like 12 kids in tow, and there was no way I was going to show them a dress over $200. It took me awhile to figure out that none of the other associates ever showed their customers the clearance room.


My favorite part of my job was vacuuming and steaming the dresses. Did that statement make sense? I vacuumed floors and steamed the dress...Okay, so I wasn't hired to clean toilets, but I would have preferred doing that to trying to get someone to spend money. I think the windows in the displays were cleaner than they'd ever been when I was there.

Well, as you can imagine, I did not excel in salesmanship at this lovely little shop. I lasted maybe 2 months, and that was only because it took me that long to find another job with fairly comparable pay...I went to work at Old Navy...Where shopping is fun again!

Now that was right up my ally. The clothes were cute, affordable, and I didn't feel like I was leading anyone into bankruptcy.

Yep...I worked in a bridal shop...But I wasn't any good at it.


Marilyn said...

I loved your last three stories. I am sentimental today and you senet me on a journey and reminded How much God cares. Thanks

Dawn said...

I somehow had totally blocked that out of my memory!