Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Random thoughts

Between my sister and the Country Doctor's Wife, my spring fever is reaching epic proportions. The wind is supposed to reach only "breezy" today, versus the hurricane force we've been contending for the past month or two (slight exaggeration...very slight). So, I plan to mow today. I put on a tank top with my favorite pair of holey jeans circa 1999. I have to wear a jacket over the tank top, because I'm cold...but again, I'm suffering from spring fever here. I need to comfort myself in small ways.

Studmuffin still won't let me get chickens. I hate when he insists on being the voice of reason....

I'm washing bedding today. I noticed my mattress has a big dip in the middle. Does that have any correlation to my back pain? A mattress is nowhere in my budget. I have plans. Big plans. New flooring. New fence. A vacation to South Dakota. No plans for a mattress in sight...

Popcorn is begging me to homeschool her. I told her God still isn't speaking to me about that, and she might want to pray about it some more. Bookworm was horrified to hear her sister say "school stinks." At least I don't have to drag two kids to school. BTW, anyone who doesn't know Popcorn may not realize it, but she is a very social person. She loves to play, and she could make friends with a fence post. I don't know how she thinks she'd survive homeschooling.

Ironically, Popcorn plans to work every single day as an adult, and her kids will have to ride the bus every day. She is going to do work like her daddy, making sure things get built right, and in the right order. She actually went to work with him one day this year...He had her color on some old plans, so I'm not sure she has a true grasp of his job. Popcorn frequently has plans of what she will make her children do. They usually echo something I make her do that she despises. Example: Her children will always wear tennis shoes. They will practice piano 2 hours every day. They will stand in the corner every day. They will clean their toys up every day. You get the idea...

Bookworm wants to be a veterinarian...but only work a few days a week. That's my girl. Work as little as possible. I can teach her to be cheap, so she only has to work a few days a week...

I miss Texas.

There. I said it. I miss my friends. I miss the heat. I miss good Mexican food. I miss Dairy Queen. I miss mocking birds dive bombing the cat on a daily basis...just because they can. I miss blue bonnets and Indian paint brushes, and esperanza, and lantana growing wild....I am ready for warm weather.

*sigh* Moving on....

Easter is this Sunday. I don't know what to wear. I hate buying church clothes...And it's supposed to be cold. Do you think I can wear the same outfit I wore for our Christmas program? Will anyone notice? I think an eggplant sweater, charcoal pants and black boots should be fine for Easter Sunday.

Well, I don't really have anything else to say...There's very little drama in our house right now. How strange. Well, have a great Wednesday morning! I'm off to mow my dandelions!


Becky said...

Email or just comment here... that is the question, lol.

My friend you are making my heart ache for you talking about the things you miss. I have only moved 4 times my whole life 3 of those locally and all within the same state. My Love is not opposed to moving for job opportunities but it scares me to no end.

I am so sorry you are missing your old friends and the heat and the flowers and the attack birds... and you have no power to change that. I am sending you (((BIG HUGS))). I love lantana, but it doesn't survive the winter on my mountain. I just plant a new one each late Spring.

I think the outfit you described would be fine. All my kids and My Love are wearing the same thing as they did for Christmas... I'm not because my outfit was obviously Christmassy.

Homeschool!?! I'm all for that. There are great curriculum out there that aren't that expensive. But if you don't feel lead then more prayer is in order. I'd be happy to answer any questions... I'm full of unsolicited advice.

Your poor bed... when ours was sagging we stuck a piece of plywood under it (on top of the boxspring... it was awfully firm but it stopped the sag. I am all ready for the Spring fix ups but our bank account isn't :-(

Have a very Happy Resurrection Day!

Marilyn said...

I am so sorry that you are missing the things that you loved about springtime in Texas. Life changes bring about new things to learn to love. There is beauty in all places. I love the redbud as it blooms in Oklahoma in the spring and in time the wild flowers will break forth and you will know that God is shinning on us too.

Actually right now, I am missing being a mom of little kids at this time of year. Isn't it strange how we can always look back and think that all was wonderful. God wants us to look ahead. Enjoy today and be happy with what He has given us.