Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wind Advisory

I'm sure everyone knows about wind advisories. Lesser known advisories are the smart to be heeded skirt advisory and shirt advisory. Both of these advisories are closely linked to the better known wind advisories. For example, if you are in Oklahoma, and the wind is at a steady 20mph with gusts up to 35 mph, it may not be wise to wear a dress to church.

I stepped out of Studmuffin's truck at Mazzio's today and my sandal fell off. It began to blow across the parking lot. Bookworm made a quick grab for it and held it up for me triumphantly. Her dress blew up above her head simultaneously. We both laughed so hard, we could hardly maintain the appropriate lean to reach the safety of indoors and an all you can eat lunch buffet.

This afternoon we decided it was a great day to get yard work done. Okay, so it wasn't a "great" day. But I've given up on waiting for the wind to die down. Studmuffin was tearing out more of the massive amounts of electric wire the previous owners had placed to keep their dogs in. I was pulling weeds in the front flower bed. I was bent over, thinking "man, that wind is getting cold." No sooner had I completed that thought than I realized that the wind wasn't colder, my skin was more exposed. I was weeding in a t-shirt. The wind had caught my shirt and it was all blown up under my armpits, but it was so windy I didn't immediately notice. There I was, weeding my flower beds with my stupid shirt wadded up under my armpits. Did I mention my neighbor was mowing his lawn? I'm sorry Guy. I know that nobody wants to see that quantity of albino white flesh. Try to clear your memory of the visual. Okay? Thank you.

So again, two warnings that should be carefully considered in the advent of a wind advisory. Be prepared for skirt advisories and t-shirt advisories also. I recommend pants and shirts tucked in to prevent unexpected exposure. For any of you Okies reading this, I recommend you heed both warnings the next 14 days. We're supposed to have the perfect conditions for severe storms and tornadoes. Lovely. Keep your eye on the skies and your hands on your skirts and have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

I can relate...only I was carrying a 50th anniv. cake into your house for G&G and was not going to drop it for anything...even if my dress was over my head, could not see where I was going and there your Dad was getting a full view!
Aunt C