Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm childless...at least until Saturday.

Well, yesterday I made a very long drive...

I drove to Hillsboro, TX to meet my good friend Tara. She is graciously letting my little hooligans stay with them until Saturday. Actually, I had planned on them to return Friday, but it turns out Saturday is better for her, and who am I to argue with someone wanting to keep my kids an extra day?

It was so great seeing Tara again. I had not seen her since we met last July to meet for me to return her girls to her. I love her dearly, and our visit was way too short. When they walked in to IHOP (the official meeting place) it was like we picked up exactly where we left off. Don't you just love friendships like that? I've been so blessed that way. I have a friend in Arlington, that we seldom get to see, but when we get the chance to be together, it's like we just sat down to have lunch together yesterday.

I know that it's that way for these 4 little girls too. Popcorn still considers Abigail her "very best friend." Isn't that too sweet? After being apart 11 months, they hugged and hugged, and Popcorn's face got all red, and I thought she was going to cry.

Bookworm and Annie are equally well matched. I have to say, I was surprised to see they were nearly the same height. Annie was much taller than my girl last time they were together. They are both very innocent, and diligent of protecting that innocence. They both love using their imaginations, and are in no hurry to move on to big girl stuff. I love watching them play and interact with each other.

I'm pretty excited about this week, even as I'm wondering what I will do with myself with no kids for the week. Normally when I ship them off, I end up picking up extra shifts at the hospital. Since this was supposed to be the week we were on vacation (Studmuffin had problems at work, so we couldn't go) I decided to use this week as my vacation in my own home. I haven't cleaned house since my nephews came. So, today is house cleaning day. Tomorrow I will finish organizing the girls rooms, then Thursday I plan to scrapbook all day. Plus, I have to paint our hallway (Studmuffin, do you remember promising you would paint the hallway when we moved in since you know I despise detail and cutting in?...Just a gentle reminder!) Bookworm wants me to paint one wall in her room turquoise. I thought I would maybe surprise her with having this done for her.

Oh! Did I tell you that I was separating the girls into separate rooms? I made an executive decision. So, before they left we sorted the toys. That went amazingly well. The toys that they had been given to share, they divvied up. It was kind of like a little divorce. For example, I had gotten them a Barbie living room set at a garage sale for $2. Popcorn got the floor lamp and couch and coffee table. Bookworm got the TV, entertainment center and chair. No arguments. Amazing, right?

Anyway, I have big plans for this week. So, I better get off this blog and get to work! But, never fear, I'll keep you posted on my progress! Aren't you so relieved?

Oh, oh! I almost forgot...I'M NOT GOING TO COOK THIS ENTIRE WEEK!!!! I refuse. So there. This is vacation...A vacation that involves work, yes. But if we were on a REAL vacation I would not be cooking...So, I refuse to cook supper this week. So Studmuffin better bust out his debit card cuz we're eating out or doing carry out every stinking night. So hah. Take that, buddy!


Anonymous said...

We are ready for the girls to come here too. Seeing their precious smiles on your blog makes me miss em like crazy!
Love to all

Becky said...

Have a superfabtabulous vacation. Honestly if all my kids were gone at the same time I would lose myself on the couch somewhere between the laptop and the remote.

No cooking, awesome.