Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mr. Black & Decker himself...

Remember the yard swing I got at our town wide garage sale for a whopping $5? I'm sure you remember how Holly finished my decision on how to salvage the cushions. She promptly destroyed them and reminded me that fabric anything and puppies don't mix.

Studmuffin decided to make a bench for the frame. He said, "You know, for about 30 bucks I could build you a nice wooden bench for that."

Of course, I agreed. Gentle Reader, can I just tell you how awesome my husband is?

He started cutting the wood for the swing last Sunday. I was shocked when I walked in and discovered him routering (spelling?) the edges.

I was even more amazed when he spent his second evening working on it Friday. And he finished it. He did a fantastic job.

Today he is attaching the rope, and he's decided that he's going to crackle it in blue and white. I'm not sure which will be the top color, and which the base. Of course, this will also require him repainting the frame. But, hey, I'm not going to interfere with obvious creative genius when I see it!

I can tell you it will look great. This sure beats the heck out of what I originally pictured, which was a very basic squared off bench suspended by a rope. I'm sure since it's prettier, it's bound to be more comfy too!

Post Note: Ummm, yes, I realize I could be a tad more patient and post a picture of the finished product. One little problem. He has yet to purchase the paint. You do realize that this is where progress will stutter and stall for an extended period. At least if I go by previous projects. He works really hard and brilliantly fast, but when he gets to the last, simple stretch, he loses interest and moves on to a new one. I can't blame him. Anyone who dug through our closets would undoubtedly find countless craft projects that I've begun with good intentions, yet failed to complete. This is the reason I no longer do crafts. I can't handle the guilt of the uncompleted project, yet I lack the ambition to finish it. My answer: don't start what you know you won't finish! Of course, Studmuffin will finish it. He's just great that way.


Sarah Castor said...

wow that is awesome! I knew I always liked Studmuffin. Someday I will marry someone great like him and my dad.... someday... maybe. Or maybe I'll just get a dog and do it all myself.

Anonymous said...

Dude, send him my way, we got a new house, Paula might have told you, everyone seems to know around here. I told Paula at the open house, awh, there is too much work to do on this house, I wouldn't want it...oops!! Check it out at


Anonymous said...


oh, and tell studmuffin (that is just wrong) that all he needs is a beer in his hand and the picture would be complete!

Becky said...

Awww, I can just see you sitting next to him there on that swing with his arm around you. It looks very nice.

Dawn said...

I'm also a great starter and when a project is almost finished, I think, "I'm almost finished, I'll start something else and finish this later....."