Thursday, June 25, 2009

You are what you eat.

I'm determined not to cook this week. That has been hindered by my first round of green beans from the garden. They looked so good, I ate a few raw...They were delish. It is also hindered by the fresh zucchini my neighbor gave me. (I saw him out in his yard this morning when I was working in my garden, and casually dropped in for a visit. It's okay to visit your neighbors before 7 am if they are outside, right? Where is Emily Post when you need her?) I never got around to planting any zucchini or squash, but my Grandma Irene always said, "Never leave your windows down in the summer. Someone will come and unload their squash on you."

One time I called her while I was in the store. We had just moved, it was summer, so of course I had no fresh squash. She said, "You know you must not have a friend in the world if you have to buy squash in the summer!"

Thank you Grandma. That made me feel much better about moving.

Anyway, last night Studmuffin had to help a friend with his boat. At a lake. And it somehow involved poles, tackle boxes, and smelling like fish when he got home....So he didn't need fed.

In my refusal to cook, I decided to eat a fresh peach and some cottage cheese at about 4:30. I had only had one slice of pizza for lunch. Anyone who knows me at all knows that is barely a snack for me. I eat like a farmhand, even though I'm not one anymore. At about 6 I was starving again. So, I warmed up some leftover taco meat and made some nachos. At about 7 I had a fudge pop and a vanilla ice cream miniature from Schwann's (it's like their Schwann's signature ice cream bar only smaller and only 60 calories.) Then around 8 I had to fight down the munchies beast again, but ended up crumbling and eating a spoonful of Smucker's Natural Extra Crunchy peanut butter.

I don't know...But I'm thinkin' I'd have been better served to just fix myself some dinner and be done with it instead of grazing all night long.

Progress note: I haven't gotten everything done that I hoped while the girls were gone. I did get a book read. And I floated in the pool for 2 hours. But alas, neither of those tasks lead me to completion of my "to do" list. Today, I have to get cracking....

Without any AC. Ours quit last night. I'm waiting to hear from the repair people. Thankfully it's under warranty until July 3rd. FYI: It's supposed to be 90 degrees by 9am, with a high of 100. Yikes. Maybe I'll end up going shopping with the money I'm not making since I'm on vacation this week....

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Becky said...

Yikes! No AC! Do you have a Barnes & Noble nearby. You could go take a nap and sip an iced coffee or read a good book.