Friday, July 17, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Raise your hand if you like decisions!

My hand is not up.

Did you know that Studmuffin & I are both the youngest in our families? AND we are both younger than our nearest sibling by 6 years. Isn't it strange for 2 babies of the family to get married and get so much accomplished and be so incredibly perfect for each other? Well, let me tell you, it didn't start out that way.

You know, when you are the youngest in your family, you very seldom get to, or have to make decisions. Now, our situation was slightly different in that our siblings were so much older. I think that only further debilitated our decision making abilities. Everyone is willing to tell you what you should do when you are the baby of the family. From parents, to grandparents, to siblings. You are the youngest, therefore you need lots of guidance. And lots of pampering. I gotta say, Studmuffin did not receive any excess pampering. But I'm pretty sure I did.

My sisters were always very supportive of me. My parents always let me believe I could do anything I darn well wanted to, if I decided it was what I should do. I had a cardiologist say, "Andi, you are the youngest in your family? That explains so much about you." We actually had a great working friendship, and he was absolutely right. I answered, "If you are told you are cute often enough as a child, eventually, you just buy into it!" In all honesty I was kidding. I don't think I was told that over and over. But I always knew that my sisters would make an effort to see all of my little programs and games and whatever. Because they were my big sisters and that is what they were supposed to do.

But this post is not about my family and how wonderful they are. This is about decisions. When Studmuffin and I first got married we had a terrible time with decisions. I was all of 20 and he was 22. We had never had to really make decisions. Certainly not life decisions. Not even decisions about what or where to eat. Our moms took care of that (I did not really learn to cook until after we were married, but that's a post for another day.) Then, my roommates took care of cooking. When it came time to make a decision we pretty much sat around saying, "I don't care."
"Whatever you want to do."
"What do you think?"
"It doesn't matter to me."
"Seriously, you decide."

Until, eventually I would be starving and I would get cranky, and then we'd go to CiCi's pizza. True story.

Decisions have gotten easier for us. As far as eating goes it helps that I plan a 2 week menu, so we don't have to starve or go broke or die of heart disease at a premature age from eating out all of the time. Thank goodness for small favors.

I'm really good at decisions at my job. I can usually decide almost instantly what I need to do. Of course, that's after 10 years as an RN, and life experience has taught me a lot there.

I'm good at deciding not to do house work, but instead play in the garden or pool all day.

I'm good at deciding to be cheap.

I'm good at deciding what book I want to read next.

I'm good at lots of decisions now.

Go ahead. Applaud. You know you are proud of me and my accomplishments. It's always best to let these emotions out, otherwise you may be walking through the grocery store, remember how proud you are of me, and feel compelled to burst into an aria about "The Wonders of Andi's Decision Making Abilities." Seriously, you shouldn't risk that. Just spend a little moment enjoying all I've accomplished......

Still enjoying.....


Wondering if she has a point.....

Surely she will get to it some day....



We have a big decision. I am requesting prayer. Remember previous mentions of jobs and another move (stomach is knotting, fighting waves of nausea at the prospect of going through that again so soon.)

Studmuffin has a job interview August 7 in New Braunfels, TX. We would be able to live in the community we left exactly 1 year ago on July 3rd. The company is paying for all of us to stay in a hotel in New Braunfels and is getting us 2 day passes to Schlitterbahn. For those of you who don't know, it's like the Disney World of water parks. I'm kind of embarrassed to say we lived like 25 miles from it for 3 years and never once went. But, now we can go as a little mini family vacation since we had to cancel our trip to South Dakota.

We really have no desire to move back. We have been praying each time they call and offer Studmuffin a job (which is at least once a month.) We pray that God will close the door and have them stop calling if it's not His will. They still call. We still have no desire to move. The money sounds good. But money isn't everything. And it costs a lot to move, so we would take a big financial hit to do that. Decisions, decisions.

So, I told Studmuffin (yikes, that sounds bossy. Strongly enouraged....that sounds better) to agree to a face to face interview. We need peace and closure with this decision. We always feel good about the "no" until they call again, and then the anxiousness begins. "What if God is telling us we are supposed to move back to South Texas?" I think that if we go, do the interview, and Studmuffin still feels "on the fence about it," we will feel better about our answer of no. He just doesn't have this burning excitement to go, but he also thinks it sounds interesting, and like something he would like. So, he is feeling like the answer is "no" at the moment. But, if he goes there, decides it's the best opportunity in the world and he can't wait to start, then we can start moving on with our lives and the decision to move.



We've told the girls about the upcoming decision and now we are all praying about it as a family. I hope you will all be in prayer for us too. I pray that when we get there the right decision will be crystal clear to us, and we can have peace in the decision. I pray that daily. Will pray it daily for us too? Thanks.

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