Friday, July 17, 2009


Have I mentioned it's hot outside? Never fear, I hear a cool front's coming through, so the highs will be near 90 this weekend instead of 105! Woohoo!!

Holly has actually calmed down since it's so hot. I've been finding Bookworm out petting her in the middle of the afternoon. "It's best to pet Holly when it's hot outside, because she's actually calm. I guess it's too hot to run all over."

Well, heaven forbid I have a calm Brittney puppy at this house! She is about 9 months old now. She is actually drastically improving. I've noticed she really loves water. She runs through every scrap of it she can find, and with the temperature and lack of rain, she hasn't been finding much except in the water dish. Of course, when she climbs in it, she accidentally splashes out all of the water. I've been having to fill the dog bowl several times a day to keep up with her, and when I leave for work we leave several pails of water around in hopes that she leaves at least on upright.

This weekend I decided enough was enough. I went and bought that puppy a pool. I figured she'd chew it up in a matter of minutes, but she hasn't. I originally had it under a tree between the pool and a tree in our back yard. The dogs love to chase each other through the back yard, and dashing around the pool as fast as possible is there very favorite game. The first day I put it out, she would run around the pool, dive into her wading pool, jump out and run around again. It was hilarious. Of course, as soon as I decided to get the camera to take pictures she stopped. Today, however, she was very agreeable to posing for pictures. As you can see, Studmuffin moved the pool under the deck of our pool. This way the water stays cooler longer.

So there you have it. A happy dog, happy in her pool. Notice Kelsey is not in the pool in any of these photos. She hates water. She won't even walk through puddles! Also, you may notice landscape fabric shredded everywhere. Holly dug underneath the landscape fabric, and straight to the electrical that goes to our pool lights. I don't know how she is still alive. Our temporary fix is a big board and a wagon on top. She'll never get through that, right?


Why do I feel as if I'm being laughed at?