Monday, July 27, 2009


On my way home from dropping my girls off at my parents today, I stopped in to chat with my sister Dawn. Of course, we discussed blogging, and that led us to discussing our blog friends. AKA, people we have never met, but are obviously just like us in every single way.

Actually, I have to say this revelation is completely my own. You see, I was reading April's blog, and had opened some links to listen to her and her sister Rechelle's laugh. Studmuffin was in the room. He said, "That's you." when he heard Rechelle's gasping laugh....

And that's when it dawned on me...No, no, not my sister's blog...I had my very own epiphany...

April & Rechelle are obviously our doppelgangers. They are sisters who both blog. They are very different, yet obviously share the same sense of humor. They have a family laugh. We too have a family laugh. Alas, I have no laugh recording to play for you, so I will do my best to describe it in words.

There are actually 2 forms of the laugh. The first laugh is loud. And kind of cackling. The kind of laugh that a mom lets rip and you can hear her over every other person in the auditorium, theater, school hallway, ballgame...You get the picture. It's loud. It's cackling. It's horribly embarrassing for children, but it's very liberating to let rip as an adult....It's one of those, "Oh crap, I turned into my mother, but oh well, I might as well embrace it" sort of things. Do you follow? Good.

Then there's the 2nd family laugh. This particular laugh was inherited from our father. It's a special laugh and is reserved for moments of extreme hilarity. It is best experienced with the entire family in attendance, because kind of like an audience clapping, the entire laugh sequence from beginning to end will become synchronized. Aren't you just dying of curiosity?

Well, here's a run down of how it goes...

Silence. Tears begin to run down our faces....Our bodies begin to convulse and we develop a strange back and forth rocking movement that involves clutching our stomachs...

My brother-in-law Les begins to narrate the laughter (I guess the silence gets to him). "Here it comes! It's coming! Get ready! It's the wind up...Wait for it. Wait for it..."

And then we all simultaneously inhale in a long high pitched dolphin call that sucks nearly every molecule of oxygen out of the air, and just when innocent bystanders think they will die of oxygen deprivation we all simultaneously let out a blissful sigh.....

We all get tickled that we all laughed in the same bizarre way and that starts the whole cycle over again until we feel like our heads will explode and our stomachs ache as if we've done 100 crunches and we are simply too weak to laugh anymore.

It's great. I promise.

So, it hit me today, that April and Rechelle are just like Dawn and I.

They blog.

We blog.

They are sisters.

We are sisters.

They are both extremely hilarious.

We are both...Okay, I hate to brag, but let's face it, we are hilarious.

Seriously, we are practically the same people.

Only they live in Kansas and we live in Oklahoma! But, that is practically the same thing! Bible Belt and all that you know. Plains, grasslands, wind...

Oh! And of course, they could never be mistaken for Linda Carter or Wonder Woman....

But, nonetheless, other than these two finite details we are practically identical.

So. There you have it. Dawn & I are not only best friends with people we have never even met, these people are obviously our doppelgangers.

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Dawn said...

Perhaps April and Rechelle just haven't released their inner superhero!