Monday, July 13, 2009

Hello! I'm finally back! A wire had rusted loose on our satellite, so alas, no internet for almost a full week. It feels great to be back...

Anyway, here's an inspiration for a blog I had while I had no internet. I had multiple inspirations, and jotted them down, but I'm afraid they will be stale by the time I can actually do them....*sigh*

Do you have problems with your snooze button? I do. Every dad gum morning my alarm goes off. Every morning I immediately hit snooze, and this is what follows:

"Dear God, yes, I know I need to get up. I hate getting up. I hate mornings. Help me change my attitu...plemppfjlsple..."


Wham! I hit the snooze button. Again.

"Okay, God, I know I really need to get up so I can get my Bible study in before I start the business of the day. Help me have a good....zzzz"


"Seriously, I know I've got to get up. Help me be your hands as I care for my patients today. Help me serve them with...aaah"


Wham! (do you see a pattern here?)

"Oh my goodness! I'm late! Dear God, help me to get around in time for work (I dash to the bathroom.) Help me manage the rest of the morning wisely (getting dressed and dashing to the kitchen to throw bread in the toaster.) Yes, I know I had plenty of time when my alarm beeped the first time (throwing whatever I can find into my lunch box.) Forgive me for my laziness (slapping on eye shadow and mascara, while trying to brush teeth.) I will do better tomorrow (kissing Studmuffin goodbye, waking the girls and kissing them goodbye, grabbing purse and dashing out the door.)

And so it goes. Every. Single. Morning. Whether I'm going to work, or need to get my rear in the yard to weed and mow and water and whatever else....I hit that blasted snooze button 3 times too many....

Okay, so maybe moving the alarm across the room sounds like it would help. Wrong. I actually tried this. I simply would get up, hit snooze and fall right back into bed...At least when it's on my bedside table I only let it beep twice before hitting snooze. And if Studmuffin's alarm is going off, I elbow him at the first beep to hit his snooze. Poor guy.

Well, there you have it. My conversations with God around my snooze button. Isn't your day better for knowing that totally pointless info about me?

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