Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Speed Limit is a Suggestion, Part 2

If you happened to miss the first installment in this series, please go back and read it before you begin today's post....

I loved our local law enforcement. I was soon on a first name basis with all of the highway patrolmen in my little part of the world. I always had a moment of alarm, but when asked if I knew how fast I was going and why was I in a hurry, I always smiled and answered honestly, "Well, when I saw you I realized I was going 76, and I'm on my way to work." I don't know if it was the honesty, no excuses offered, the smile or what, but I'm pretty sure it was the fact that I was "Wayne's daughter" that I never got a ticket.

Fast forward a few years. Studmuffin and I had been dating a few months. It was the summer of 1994. Studmuffin would set his cruise control on 57mph. this would drive me positively bananas. The speed limit was 55. In my world this meant you should drive at the very least 63 or 64! Everyone knew they wouldn't issue a ticket for less than 10mph over the speed limit!

One evening I was finally successful in convincing him to drive over 60mph. We were on our way to Woodward to the movie. Many of you don't understand the level of dedication any boy had to have to date my sisters or me. I lived 26 miles from the nearest town. I lived 44 miles from Studmuffin's parents. He would drive to pick me up, then drive us to the nearest town with a theater, which was 55 miles away. The poor guy drove 200 miles for every date with me! Anyway, I had convinced him to up his speed a little.

Of course he got pulled over. I was sitting right next to him on his bench seat. I recognized the officer when he approached. (Please excuse me for not mentioning him by name. I'm not sure that he isn't still a patrolman, and I'd hate to burn any convenient bridges!) I leaned forward so he could see me and gave him a big smile and said, "hello." He gave Studmuffin a stern look and asked for his license and insurance verification. As he studied Studmuffin's credentials very intently, he said to me, "Young lady, I hope you have a license with you. I may have to take this young man in!" I smiled great big, gave him a wink, and said, "Nope! I left my wallet at home! You'll have to take me with you" Or something along those lines...

Studmuffin about started hyperventilating. He just knew we were both going to jail for soliciting an officer. The patrolman continued to glare and I continued to smile...until he broke down and started laughing. He gave Studmuffin his ID and insurance card back, then proceeded to ask me how I was doing, and was I corrupting this young man to drive as fast as me, was his power steering broke seeing as I had to sit so close, I must be helping him steer and whatnot. You could feel every muscle in Studmuffin's body relax when he realized we not only knew each other, but knew each other fairly well.

He asked us where we were going, how was my family, how did Paula like California, yada, yad, yada...When the patrolman let us leave, Studmuffin was blown away by how well we knew each other, and "how did I know him?" I explained that he had pulled me over several times for speeding, and we just got to know each other through chit chat. He could not believe it. He knew my sister Paula the same way. In fact one time he caught Paula speeding because she was trying to get to a certain gas station before it closed. He followed her, and filled her car up for her since the station was indeed closed and the next opportunity for gas was too far for her to make it on fumes.....

Well, once again, I have many more fascinating things to say, but again, will continue this post tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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