Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It always amazes me how kids show personalities in ways you never expect. The girls went and stayed a few days with my parents last week. They had a great time visiting all of my old haunts. They worked on the fort down at the trees. They hiked around the cliffs and carved their names in the side. And they found the owls nest. Apparently the owl builds her nest in a tree now and not under a ledge on the cliff wall anymore. They called home and told us all about the wonderful souvenirs they found. Of course, they brought their new treasures home.

Bookworm gave her treasure careful consideration and she brought home...

Some lovely rocks to enjoy and use for decoration in her room! Aren't they lovely?

Popcorn gave her treasure equally earnest consideration.....

Yep. You guessed it. She brought home mouse bones and bird feathers. How exciting. How precious., it's typical Popcorn.

Popcorn may go a million miles an hour, but she sleeps hard. When she was a baby she slept 18 hours a day. I took her to the doctor because she slept so much. She was running around on her little chubby baby legs, laughing, and talking gibberish. He looked at me with exasperation and said, "Your baby is fine. Just be glad that she sleeps and doesn't go like this more hours in the day."

She still sleeps hard and needs more sleep than her sister. One time when she was 4 I found her asleep in a doll crib. It was maybe the size of a baby bassinet, and she was hanging out on all 4 sides, but she had crammed herself in there and was fast asleep.

Bookworm on the other hand hasn't taken a nap since she was probably 3. I always made her lay down for quiet time until she started school, but she would just lay in her bed and read. I made her lay down to rest before her slumber party, and that is what she did that day. Until she heard me coming, then she crammed her book under her pillow and tried to fake a deep sleep. When she heard the camera, she immediately sat up and asked me what I was doing....



Dawn said...

I'm thrilled that Popcorn is not squeamish and wants to carry around bones, feathers and such. Not that rocks aren't awesome of course!

Becky said...

Your kids would fit right in here. We have a nature box... wanna guess whats in it??? Feathers, bones, rocks, and a few dead things (insects) and a deer antler... theres more but I digress.

Play hard, sleep hard those are rules to live by ;-)