Saturday, August 8, 2009

Still here

We're still in good ole San Anton'. We'll head back tomorrow and stop in Arlington to visit some friends from when we lived there. One advantage of all this traveling between SA and Oklahoma, I've had several opportunities to stop and catch up with them!

We did Schlitterbahn yesterday and had a great time. We only waited to ride one slide. We had decided to avoid lines since there was so much to do that was line free. However, one slide was calling our family's name. It's called the Master Blaster. We waited 65 minutes to get on it and Bookworm clutched her stomach and tried to cry sick the entire wait. Five minutes before boarding she tried to play the "gotta pee" card. I said, "Too bad, we have waited an hour to get on this bloody slide, and you're gonna ride it and you're gonna love it." Tears were streaming down her face as we climbed in. The lifeguards looked at me and pointed out she was scared. I replied, "Am I the meanest mom in the world, or what?"

"No. She'll love it after the first drop."

And they were right. Oh, she tried to play the fake crying card for a few seconds, but I said, "Stop crying. This is not nearly as fast as those body slides you've been doing all day. Relax and enjoy it." And she did.

But she didn't admit it until we were actually hitting the potty (okay, we both had to go after standing in line that long). She said, "Okay Mom, I'm going to admit it. I loved that entire ride, but my favorite part was the tunnels."


Now, we are off to dinner with the prospective new boss and his family. Do you think Studmuffin will let me get off with crying sick? Or can I convince one of the girls to spike a sudden fever? I'm a wee tad nervous.

Just a wee tad....

Now excuse me while I go to the facilities...

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Heidi said...

get the hair dryer out and heat up the thermometor! LOL good luck at supper!