Monday, August 10, 2009

Good to be home

The last night we were in San Antonio, we went to Gruene (pronounced green...It's how Texans tell the locals from the tourists). We visited the world famous Gruene Hall. It's a really cool building with an old fashioned bar, wooden bench tables and pool tables. Out back there are basketball goals with dirt courts. And on weekends, they offer free outdoor concerts. Many of you have actually seen Gruene Hall and may not remember it. Remember the Travolta movie "Michael?" Well, the scene where he walks by and a woman comments on his smell and Andie MacDowell replies, "It's sugar cookies. He smells like sugar cookies." Or something like that, then he goes out on the dance floor and does his Travolta dancing thing that is sure to make millions of women swoon was shot in Gruene Hall.

But, returning to my original subject, we had dinner at the "Gruene River Grill." It's a great, atmospheric restaurant that looks like it was an old stable, or mill or something. The ceiling seems entirely too high for a stable, unless it had a loft...Bookworm was exhausted and totally burnt out on eating out. Of course the kids menu was your standard corn dog, chicken strips, mac & cheese thing. She decided to order from the adult menu, but decided everything was equally unappealing. She wanted chips and queso. I let her order it for her dinner, and then made her eat some of my grilled chicken and garlic mashed potatoes.

I was pretty sick of eating out myself by the time we got home. Who knew microwave popcorn on a Sunday night in your own house could taste so good? Or what about frozen waffles with Skippy Natural Super Chunk peanut butter and syrup is so satisfying? Then, even though we went to the store this morning the girls and I had simple grilled cheese sandwiches with grapes and Nacho Cheese Doritos for lunch. It was like food from heaven. Isn't it great when you return from a trip and you are so appreciative of your own food and kitchen, that even if it's nothing special, it's totally wonderful?

I was so glad to be back home with my own groceries, I spent extra long planning the next 2 weeks menu because it was nice just sitting and thinking about what I wanted to cook. I looked through cook books and my own stash of recipes and tried to be somewhat creative with our meals. Of course, the girls will probably not be nearly as appreciative of the extra love and care that I put into their little bellies. But I'm okay with that, because at least it won't be corn dogs, chicken strips or mac & cheese.

So, long story short, it's good to be home.....