Sunday, September 13, 2009

My "New" Mixing Bowls

I got some "new" stuff when we visited my in-laws last weekend. Remember: It's a good idea to visit your mother in law when she has been cleaning out cellars and attics. It inspires her to thin out some of her stuff. See the thermoses? I've actually had those quite a while. I got those from Brent's Aunt Aleta. They were his grandpa's thermoses. I love red. I love these thermoses! The glass jars are from the cellars at the house Brent grew up in. She had lots of these jars. I wanted more, but I'm going to have to make a repeat trip because I was out of room. I got the round grater at a garage sale for free. I bought an old scale from the family, and they threw the grater in because they wanted to get rid of it! Apparently they sensed my love for free stuff!

Isn't this blue bowl beautiful? I love blue.

I made Pioneer Woman's Coffee Cake Literally the other day. Of course I was ready to jump on the chance to use my new bowls! Don't you love this green? I love green.

Isn't this a great yellow? I love yellow. In fact, I love most colors. That's why I have 9 different colored place settings of Fiesta Ware, and even more colors in serving pieces...And there are so many colors I'm missing out on!

Know what I don't love? Cleaning the kitchen after I baked a cake and cooked dinner at the same time that I was nagging my kids to complete homework and piano practice.

By the way, the coffee cake was fabulous. I totally could have snacked on it all day. Luckily we were so busy at work that I was only able to heat my lunch and eat it in a 5 minute time period. Yes, I heated my food and ate it in 5 minutes...Then I grabbed a bite sized piece of cake and crammed it in my mouth as I was heading down the hall to throw some lead on and start the next case...

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