Monday, September 14, 2009

The Agony of Her Art...

Popcorn has decided to become a song writer.

Aren't you just dying to read what she's written so far?

Well, I'm about to share it with you, but I must warn you she labored over this song through an entire sermon, and for about 5 minutes at home. "Daddy, it is so hard to write a song. I am just worn out."

I chuckled when I heard her talking to her Dad about it, but didn't have time to read it right then. This morning I decided to read her masterpiece, and I was so impressed, I decided to share it with all of you:

Popcorn's Song

You are my angle. I have loved you all my life I chrid to keep you out of danger. So will you come back for me? I want you back plese.

Come back.
Ooh come back.
Come back.
Come back.

My song, mack it lode tell me wate you are talken bout.
Why? Why?
Because I side and side that's why.
So just do it and do it agin and agin.
Do it and do it agin.

So just come back...pece.

Why are you here angl? Because she rasd me that's why
So just follow me or esee nothing.

You will get nothing, that's what you'll get. You can chang your mind, you can chang yoru clots, noting can chang yoru world or can take out God.

by: Popcorn

Is that just amazing or what? I tried to type it completely as she wrote it on the back and front of 2 bulletins and one note book paper, but I did try to make it into correct phrases. She did the punctuation, even the dot dot dot. She also did her own periods and apostrophe's! Hey, her spelling needs some work, but not bad for a 7 year old, who is not listening to the sermon, eh?


Becky said...

I think its great :-D

Dawn said...

Creativity runs in our blood! Has she got a melody yet? Popcorn is awesome!