Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sooner Born & Sooner Bred

Guess who got free tickets to the OU game this weekend? Studmuffin was offered some tickets for the game this weekend. It was against the University of Tulsa, and everyone told me it was in no way a sure thing...It was a shut out with us winning 45-0.

Guess who is totally NOT a football fan? Guess who has their best naps during football games? Guess who considers the Super Bowl an excellent opportunity to chat and snack nonstop? I gotta say, I felt a little guilty going to the game.

I got to see some celebrities while I was there. Okay, Oklahoma celebrities, but celebrities none the less! I got to see Sam Bradford, the winner of last year's Heisman Trophy. He is a lot taller than he looks on TV! Brian Bosworth was down on the field with the players. Remember "The Boz?" He was a football super star of the mid 80s. He went on to play for the Seattle Seahawks, and make an action adventure film titled Stone Cold. You can click here to learn more about his illustrious career.
Brian is behind the kicker's net thingy that he practices with...talking on his cell phone. Just to the right of the cameraman...

As I mentioned, you can click on the link above to learn about Mr. Boz. However, since I am now an expert on him (seeing as how I studied him from 8 rows up at a live football game,) I will give you all you need to know about The Boz, and you will never even have to lift a finger to click!
All You Need to Know About Brian Bosworth: An Expert's Review
1. He has no school spirit. Proof: He may have been standing on the sidelines with the team, but he was not wearing an OU shirt, hat, socks, underwear, shoes...nada. Instead he had on a t-shirt that was quite tight (the dude is huge) and had the name of a casting company on it.
Concession in his favor: He did raise his hands signaling touchdown when we scored.
2. He is a very busy man. He is so important that he has to talk on his cell phone from the sidelines during the game. Apparently, he decided this may be a tad obvious because he switched to a blue tooth...But he didn't fool me. I knew he was only on the sidelines to garner recognition.
3. Once he has garnered his attention, he makes himself scarce. He gave an interview to the Fox Sports Network, then moved on. Proof: He was nowhere to be seen after the first half was over. I'm sure he was in some luxury booth enjoying the game at a distance with no fans screaming "Hey Brian Bosworth!" trying to get him to react....And no, I DID NOT do that. I wasn't going to draw attention to myself that way! Remember, I'm not a football fan, and I was not about to make myself some unwitting target of mass Crimson revenge...
4. He spends lots of money on his clothes. His jeans appeared to be made for him. Did I mention the guy was huge? Anybody that tall and muscular has to have his jeans custom made to fit that well. Although we were close, I had a tough time deciding what type of shoes he had on. And, I had left my camera at home since it was pouring rain when we left. Studmuffin thought he had on those trendy "bowling shoes" as he calls them. I think he had on super expensive custom made snakeskin boots...
5. I gleaned no other facts about his life from my character study of him during the 2 hours he was down on the field...But 4 facts just seemed lame, and 5 seems much more credible...So number 5 is that he obviously has Viking ancestry. Proof: The guy is a natural blond with very strong features, and he looks like he's totally ready to kick somebody's tail at any second. Seems pretty Viking-ish to me!

Did I mention that this was our first OU game? Well, I had gone when I was a freshman in high school. I was in a group that sang with the Pride of Oklahoma Band. I can't even remember what we sang, who we played, or anything...But I do remember seeing the Budweiser Clydesdales for the first time, and being very impressed with them!

Anyway, as novices, we had lots of things to learn. And it was a quick learning experience because everyone around us were season ticket holders, and most of them seemed to know each other, and talked about things that they saw at previous games...But I think we caught on fairly quickly. When the kick off return is about to happen, you hold one finger up and shout "O" really long and loud, then drop down into a U when the ball is kicked. You yell "O" really loud every time the other time is on offense. You yell really loud at the end of every play: Cheering if it's good, and moaning if it's negative, and yelling at the refs if it's a call against us. Luckily, I was able to follow the crowd, so I knew just what to do! You must never sit down when the ball is in play. You will stand during the entire game, unless it's half time or time out. Otherwise, you will be on your feet. Of course, this is totally okay, because bleachers are havoc on my back. Also, I ran into Walmart and bought myself a Sooner shirt before we went. Thank heaven. I would have stuck out like a sore thumb if I did not have on a crimson shirt!

Interesting observation: More people knew and sang along with the OU Alma mater song than the state song, or the national anthem, or Grand Ole Flag. Oh! And at the end of the national anthem, instead of "the home of the brave," they all yelled "the home of the SOONERS!"

Did I mention our tickets were free? Did I mention that our tickets were in a rather costly section? You know I made observations about how to make a free game even cheaper!

1. Park 2 miles away. This means you will not have to pay $15 for parking. And you can burn off some of the calories from the brown bag special you got at Sonic with a coupon for only $7!

2. I understand that the rules clearly state no outside food or drink. I understand that you are not allowed to carry in bags (one small lady's purse is allowed.) However, I think that as a creative woman you can surely smuggle in a drink. It would have to go something like this...
Security: Ma'am? I'm sorry, but no outside food or drink is allowed in the stadium.

Frugal you: Excuse me? I don't have any outside food or drink on me!

Security: Ahem. Ma'am. I can clearly see that you have, err, something, stuffed in your, uuh, well, in

Frugal you: Stuffed in my top? No sir. There is nothing extra in my top...

Security: Ma'am. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to remove the water bottles from your top!

Frugal you: Water bottles? What water bottles? (Now it's time to break into tears...) Are you referring to my unsightly jugs? I understand they are awkward looking. This is what happens when you hit an all night plastics guy in Mexico while you are on vacation with your sorority sisters from college....Boohoo! Sob! Sniff! Waa!

I'm pretty sure this will result in the security officer being so embarrassed that he will drop the subject and let you through. Yes, it will be humiliating. Yes, this will likely draw attention to you. But, I ask you, what's more horrifying: Eight bucks blown on 2 measly bottles of water, or public humiliation?

3. I also discovered that you can eat all you want for free at the game! Isn't that amazing? I was so pleased to discover the handy dandy condiment stands located so conveniently around the stadium. Seriously, one could eat all of the pickles, relish, and if you need a kick of variety there's even jalapenos, ketchup and mustard! Isn't that fantastic?

4. Last but certainly not least is child care. Now, we had arranged for a babysitter, and we were planning to leave early to take Popcorn to a birthday party. I was weary of the party because I didn't know the girl's parents...Ta-da! The solution to all of my problems came in the form of a sleepover! The little girl from the baby sitter's called to see if they both girls could stay the night with her. I carefully phrased the plan change to Popcorn, "Hey, Popcorn, do you want to go to Halee's party for a few hours, or would you rather have Emilee's mommy come get you and stay ALL NIGHT with her?" Thankfully, she followed my prompting, and made the right choice. Of course, Bookworm wasn't sure she wanted to go, to which I responded, "Oh, you're going. You'll have a blast. Trust me." Then I turned and walked away, leaving no chance for a denial....heh, heh, heh!

So, we had the babysitter come to watch them until Emilee's parents could come get them. Next time, hopefully, somebody will invite them over before I arrange for the sitter!

Well, there you have it Gentle Reader. The excitement of going to an OU game, as a non-football fan. Note: I actually took more pics with my phone, but could not figure out how to transfer them to my computer, and that one was the only one Studmuffin could get to open when I blue toothed it to him, so he could email them to me! Oh, well...


Dawn said...

I so wish I could have seen the water bottle confrontation! Glad you had fun. Was it like being the new kid at school? And guess what Molly is studying Vikings at school. Maybe the Boz could drop by!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time. Miss you guys.