Monday, October 26, 2009

First of all, if you already read my last post, The Journey of the Sun Dolphin, please go and view the pictures that I added to the post. I had failed to take pictures, but my resourceful sister the librarian, and seeker of all knowledge, and of course sharer of all knowledge emailed some links of pictures of Sun Dolphins. So, I added them to my post today! Thank you Dawn!

Second, I would like to tell you what I did Saturday, but first I would like to tell you what I planned to do Saturday. Now, understand, the plan was doomed to failure as soon as I realized Studmuffin was going striper fishing with friends form work at Lake Texoma.

Third, did you know that there is one craft I'm capable of completing? It's friendship bracelets! I can finish one in a matter of minutes, so it's the perfect craft for a noncrafter like me! Oh, and don't you love the big hole in my jeans? I bought those jeans just after Mindy was born, and I love them. The right hip pocket has torn loose, and both knees are ripped out, but I still love them. Someday I'll have to tell you about my tendency to cling to jeans until I'm embarrassed...

But this post is about what I planned to do verses what I actually accomplished. So, please, focus Gentle Reader, and at least try to stay on topic. Or did we even have a topic for today's post? I'm confused.

1. Build a doghouse that hopefully the dogs will use, so I no longer have to feel guilty when my dog stands at the window and begs me to let her in. However, if I let her in, I feel guilty about leaving Holly (who is not my dog, will never be my dog, yet I seem to give her more attention and affection than anyone else in this family because I pity her,) outside, and Holly is not house trained. Please realize that we currently have 2 doghouses. One we bought, and it apparently leaks, or the dogs bodies create humidity or something...Anyway, it is always damp inside. The other dog house was built by the previous owners under the deck. We quickly realized it leaked, so we tar papered it, but the tar paper blows loose, and requires repair, and after being damp so much, most of the wood is warped and ruined now. But, of course, you can gather from Studmuffin going fishing that this did not occur...

2. Paint the house. Of course, I'm only vaguely certain (is vague certainty even possible?) of what color we will paint, and no caulking, pressure washing, etc have been done. But, you can only paint when it is over 55 degrees, and in 6 weeks Studmuffin will have a major shoulder surgery that will take 6 months for him to have full use of his shoulder after. Plus, he will be gone most weekends between now and then in pursuit of a deer...So, I guess painting will not happen until next spring...Mind you we've been procrastinating on this since the summer we moved in, and strangely, the paint has not improved!

3. Clean house. I actually started lots of chores...I swept the kitchen and bathrooms, but didn't get them mopped. I got out the vacuum, and made the girls vacuum their room...But the rest of the house remains unswept. I got out a rag to scrub tubs, but that did not result in a clean tub or shower...

4. Get ahead in Bible Study. I fell behind with my illness, and that is a cause for stress. I usually try to be a few days ahead, as I'm the facilitator for our group...But all I got accomplished for it was getting myself up to where I'm actually supposed to be.

5. Go to the grocery store. Just flat didn't happen. We are out of bread. And lunch meat. And all snack food. Yes, we still have food, but it all requires cooking. The girls ended up having a sleepover, and I used my very last frozen pizza and can of cinnamon rolls for that. Pfpfpfpf....

6. Work out. I haven't worked out in 2 weeks. At first, I was sick and using the excuse that I had no business working out when I could barely stay awake to do chores, much less stop coughing long enough to do anything...Now, that excuse is past, but I'm out of the groove.

So, I know you are just dying to know what I DID accomplish. Well, I had promised the girls all week that they could have friends over to play. Bookworm has a friend who's parents (like me) won't let their child come stay with people they don't know. Well, we met Brittany's parents a few weeks ago, and they agreed to a play date. We called earlier in the week, and the play date was a go. However, on Saturday morning when Bookworm called to see if she could come after lunch, Brittany couldn't come over. Bookworm was bummed, and we had to call around to find another friend to come over.

Popcorn had gotten a friend's number that I have met her mom several times, but didn't have her number. Well, that friend's mom never called back all week, so Saturday morning I started trying to find someone else to come over. I even drove to a friend's house that I lost their number (it was in my old phone, but somehow it didn't get transferred over and they are unlisted) but they weren't home. I called everyone I could think of, and Popcorn cried because Bookworm always can find friends to come over, but I don't' hardly know Popcorn's classmates' parents, and those I do know don't "do sleepovers." Well, she ended up having TWO friends over, because after I finally found someone to come over, the original girl we were wanting to have over called to say she could come!

So, all of that to say that to say that I ended up doing other things instead of cleaning, baking, or doing Bible study.

1. First of all, I taught 5 little girls how to make friendship bracelets.

2. I ironed roughly 3 trillion pearler bead crafts.

3. I helped them practice hair braiding, and taught them how to thread beads onto their hair.

4. I observed and cheered for a pickup game of tennis baseball. This is a game that involves tennis rackets and tennis balls, but you run bases like baseball.

5. Chatted with 3 different moms during drop off and pick up. And you know I'm not good at short and sweet!

6. I ate pizza.

7. I sat and watched Looney Tunes with the girls and the one friend that was actually able to stay over.

8. I watched Thelma & Louise, for the first time in its entirety. Minus the first 5 minutes. Oh, and I fell asleep at the very end when all of the cops show up and start chasing them in the desert. I had only ever seen bits and pieces. I had already seen them die in a blaze of glory, so dozing off at that point was okay. I'm not sure my life is any fuller for having seen the whole thing now. Mostly I'm annoyed at them locking the highway patrolman in his trunk with a few measly bullet holes for air. Helloo!! It's the desert, he's going to die of heat stroke! I lost all sympathy at that point, and was officially annoyed.

9. I went to bed. And at 11pm, I banged on my wall and told Popcorn and her friend to stop talking.

10. That is all I did. But a list of 10 totally seems better than a list of 9.

What did you do this weekend?


Dawn said...

Do you know I have never seen Dirty Dancing or Saturday night Fever? Just bits and pieces! And I've never seen Thelma and Louise.

Roni said...

You are such a good mom! Leah had a great time! You are an inspiration to me - maybe I'll be a little more generous with the sleepovers! Maybe. I'll have to think on that one. I like my sleep too much! LOL!

Becky said...

LOL about your sun dolphin post. I love your stories.

I made tons of friendship bracelets in junior high and high school. I always put a safety pin through the knot and pinned it to something (sometimes pants too)usually the padding of the bus seat in front of me ;-)

Dawn said...

I'm sorry this is weird but here's a craft I thought you might love! Our email at school is down and I was afraid I'd forget by tonight!