Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I mean seriously, I can't be expected to watch them at all times!!!

Remember my family went camping last weekend? It was so much fun, despite my being sick on Saturday. Both my sisters and their families were there, and my brother was able to come. Unfortunately, his kids are teenagers, and they chose a concert over a camping trip. We were bummed they couldn't make it, but I guess I understand the whole teenage thing...And, of course, my parents were there. My Uncle JimBob & Aunt Christina even got to come and show us all thier new camper!

Anyway, my family was the only one who didn't have a camper to sleep in. We had originally planned to stay in our tent, but since I had bronchitis the week before, we decided that Paula's kids and my kids could stay in our tent, and we would sleep on the couch in Paula's camper. The kids were nice and toasty with air mattresses, electric blankets, sleeping bags, and more blankets just in case. Plus, we had placed our tent between Paula & Dawn's campers, so that helped block the wind. The first night I worried myself sick that they were cold. It was getting down to the low 40s every night. Finally, at about 2am, I got out of bed, put on my coat, and decided to go check on the munchkins. I was immediately bombarded by our dogs. I had tied them near the tent, and they thought it was a great time to play. I stood outside their tent, they made no peep, and I decided that since I heard no coughing or sniffling, they must be fine. After all, it's not like I wanted to risk unzipping the tent, waking them up, and then everyone deciding that, yes, they were cold. So, what exactly I accomplished by standing outside their tent freezing my cheeks off, but it sure made me feel better, and I was actually able to sleep.

I had one simple rule while we were camping. Never go anywhere by yourself. We got there before Paula and her family, so that day the rule was that the girls were to always be together. After all, I had people to see, conversations to have, and games of Sequence to play. I certainly can't be expected to watch these kids at all times! They were free to ride bikes and scooters and play at the playground, and visit my folks' friends, who were camping there too, as long as they were together, and used good manners when they showed up at meals and bummed some hot dogs, marshmallows, and hot cocoa, I was happy. Yes, please and no thank you are the magic words as far as I'm concerned...Since my social obligations made me unable to watch kids at all times, it comes as no surprise that each and every morning I woke up, left the camper, and the above sights met my eyes... Yep. That would be 4 children. At the shore. By themselves. Fishing. Before the sun is even up. Is there anything wrong with this picture? Good. I didn't think so either. The basic rule was being followed: Nobody was being left behind. I didn't have any argument for that. By the way, my nephew Logan is the only one actually fishing. The rest of them are simply climbing on the rocks right next to the freezing cold water...Oh! And Logan caught a huge catfish one morning. His line got tangled up in somebody's line that had been broken, and there was a live catfish on the other person's line! How crazy is that?

Hey, and here's a question for you: Does every family bring a keyboard, microphones, amplifiers and guitars camping? Ours does. And we had a great time entertaining anyone willing to listen. We had a sing-a-long Friday night. Here's Popcorn singing "The Witch Doctor," by Alvin and the Chipmunks. This was actually after she stood on the table and shook her booty while my nephew sang....

"Hound Dog," by Elvis. Complete with hip gyrations...It was hilarious. Yep. Those 2nd children sure are shy!

Well, that's all I have to share with you! Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of me climbing into the lake to help my brother in law get his little Sun Dolphin off of the rocks as it was about to sink. With my baby on board! Hmmm...Maybe climbing in a 50 some degree lake is what led to my relapse?

I don't have pictures, but Bookworm was the only one who caught any fish to speak of. One evening my dad was coming to shore with his boat, and my brother was going to check his jug lines. Bookworm wanted to go out, so my dad agreed to go with her and David. It turns out they hit a school of fish on the way to the jugs, and she reeled in 6 big bass! Do I have pictures? No. I was cooking chicken at the time she came in with her catch, and by the time I wanted to take pictures, they were cleaned...And I didn't even think to take pictures of the big fillets they made. Pfpfpfpfpfpf...

Oh, and for anyone who's wondering, I'm a kazillion times better today. I left work early yesterday, and slept 2 hours in the afternoon, then slept all night. Then, I took another nap today. I feel like my old self right now, if I can pretend that my old self can't hear out of her right ear at all, and have a continuous whistling in that ear.

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Dawn said...

I'm glad to hear you better. I so wish we had pictures of "The voyage of the Sun Dolphin!" What were we thinking--getting containers to bail with instead of getting the camera???