Sunday, October 18, 2009


Actually, I feel much better.

But here's the edited version...short and sweet as I can get it...

I went camping!!!!

Against doctor's orders

But I felt much better!
I did! I did!

Saturday morning my ear started hurting. My head felt like it was going to explode. I took every decongestant I could take, along with Mucinex, acetaminophen and ibuprofen, and of course lots of liquids. By afternoon, I was ready to curl up in a ball and cry. But it hurt to lay down. I would have driven home, but the ear pressure was making me dizzy, so that didn't seem too safe. At about 5pm, I gave up, and laid down on my side, with my sore ear up. I started hearing a popping sound, kind of like popcorn, only inside my ear, and very loud. You guessed it, my ear drum ruptured.

So, today I have kept it stuffed with cotton, and plan to make another appointment to see my doctor tomorrow. I happen to know that it's very important that no germs get in there and give me a little case of meningitis to add to my tale of woe...Won't that be fun, explaining to my doctor how I didn't follow orders, but I was really, really, careful, and after all, it's non compliant patients like me that keep her busy?

I decided I wanted a shower tonight. I hadn't washed my hair since Wednesday, and I was really feeling icky. I looked all over for ear plugs. I couldn't find them. I told Studmuffin what I was looking for while he watched a movie. He made no helpful comments...And he didn't move. I continued to dig through every drawer and cabinet, being more than a little noisy and trying to let him know that I felt he should come and help me, without me ever having to actually ask for help. By this point my head was hurting again, and it felt like the top was about to explode. My ear was hurting, with that strange empty ringing sound that comes after a ruptured ear drum, (sad to say, I've experienced this more than once.)

He never once got up to help me. Not once. I was very irritated. After all, I would totally help him, with no need for a request. Ninety-nine percent of the time I would have totally jumped up and helped him comb through the drawers and cabinets...

Unless, of course, I was reading a good book. Then I might totally ignore him, and be oblivious to any discomfort he would be experiencing. But other than that situation, 80% of the time I would totally be helping him...

Unless, of course, I was blogging, and the creative juices were really cranking, and I would be afraid to stop for fear that the thoughts would be gone, because my brain often resembles an etch a sketch, and becomes blank with a little disturbance. But if I wasn't blogging or reading, well then, at least 60 percent of the time, I would have rushed to his assistance...

Unless, of course, I was taking a nap. My naps are VERY important. They make me a better person, and if that sometimes interferes with me jumping up and helping my husband with his every whim, then that's just the way it has to be. So, at least 40% of the time, I would have been at his back, helping him find the ear plugs he so desperately needed to safely take a shower.

Unless, of course, Aunt Flo was here, in which case I would scream at him, "EAR PAIN? HEAD ACHE? Big whoopty deal. You try living with these hormones for even one day of your life, and the cramping, and the sleeplessness...Then, and only then will I help you find your stupid ear plugs." But, other than that, I'm sure I would have rushed to him in his hour of need.

At least 33.3333% of the time I would have helped him.

And that's better than just sitting on the couch starin' at a dumb ole movie he's seen at least 12 times before isn't it?

Yeah, I think so too. I'm glad we're in accord Gentle Reader...

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Dawn said...

I'm sorry to hear your tale of woe. I really thought you seemed like you felt pretty normal on Friday! At least you didn't get in the boat. Or go wading like I did! Love ya and it was fun!