Saturday, October 3, 2009

Update and more conversations

I thought I'd give you a quick update on Popcorn. She has not had fever since 3am Friday. She did vomit twice yesterday, but it was mostly due to drainage. Today she played, but wore out easily. I think we will all be at church tomorrow!

Bookworm has been in a great mood today, and survived going to school twice without her sister. She helped me make salsa today, and helped Studmuffin wash his boat. She has been wound up like an 8 day clock all day. I'm blaming the cool front coming in.

Last night Popcorn informed me that she lost her tooth on Monday, and the Tooth Fairy had not deigned to visit. "I'm going to be very angry if she doesn't come tonight, Mom. It will be 5 nights then!"

"Why are you telling me this?"

Looking at me from under her lashes, she replied, "I don't know. I just thought you should know that I will be angry..."

Then this morning, she came into my bathroom waving a dollar bill and a Sacajawea dollar. "Where'd ya get those?" I asked in all innocence.

"The Tooth Fairy finally came! And she brought me an extra dollar!" The Tooth Fairy always gives Sacajawea dollars to my kids.

"Maybe she was waiting until you were better so she wouldn't catch the flu."

"No, Mom." At this point she rolled her eyes at me, then thought better of her response. "I think she just had lots of kids to visit!"

"Yeah, me too..."

No way is she giving up the Tooth Fairy like she ditched the Easter Bunny....I don't think she's at all sure she'll still get cash for lost teeth!

Speaking of the Tooth Fairy....

When Bookworm was in first grade, she lost her tooth, and of course, the Tooth Fairy remembered to come the very first night! The next morning Bookworm proudly displayed her Sacajawea dollar. "I saw the Tooth Fairy last night. I know who she is," said Popcorn with all the authority her 5 year old self could muster.

"No you didn't!" replied her indignant sister. "You are supposed to be asleep, or she won't come...Just like Santa, so there is no way you saw the Tooth Fairy."

"Yes I DID!!!" Now her integrity was in question and she was becoming angry...Never mind that truth often resembles a rubber band with her...It can be stretched quite a bit, and still be a rubbber band as far as she's concerned.

"Oh, yeah? Then what does she look like?"

"She's purple with purple and white striped tights, a dark purple dress, and wings, with a crown on her head, and she's this big!" She held her fingers up and indicated a size of about 2 inches.

Well, such a definitive answer shut up any protestations from her sister. I myself was pretty amazed at such a quick detailed answer....

Until the next time I did laundry and folded their clothes...and noticed a small fairy exactly matching the description on the front of Bookworm's sweat shirt...You just never know where that kid is going to get the next rabbit to pull out of her hat.

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