Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Birthday

Well, yesterday I turned the big Three-Four. Woo. Hoo.... Yes, that was sarcasm. You know, I have not cried that much on any given day in years. Much less on my BIRTHDAY!!!

The truth is, I am S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D. The dogs had a HUGE fight the other day. They have never fought before, and the vet said they are probably trying to reestablish who is dominant now that one dog is weaker. I am trying to let Kelsey finish healing before I let them alone again. Holly is growling at her every time they are together, and she raises her hackles. However, I don't know who started the fight, she may just be so scared that she wants to be bigger and tougher every time they are together.

I'm stressing about the dollhouse. I'll post an update on that later today. I looked for dollhouse dolls at Hobby Lobby yesterday, and they were the ugliest things I've ever seen, especially for $28. The doll pram Popcorn wanted is out of stock, so now I'm trying to find one similar online somewhere else for a reasonable price.

I'm functioning on very little sleep because when I try to sleep I start worrying about the dogs, or money, or if the girls will like their Christmas. I wake up every time he repositions or makes a noise in his sleep. When I do fall asleep, Studmuffin wakes up and I have to help him get his ice machine disconnected and give him pain pills or whatever. Then, it takes me forever to fall back asleep. I think I've averaged about 4 hours of sleep per night since his surgery last Thursday.

But enough whining, this is about my birthday!

The birthday that Studmuffin failed to acknowledge, because he didn't have time to go get me anything because of his surgery, and he's been too busy before that. Let's not mention the hunting and fishing trips he took every weekend for the last 2 months. Apparently, my birthday is a very rare occasion, and it doesn't come every year at the same time, so he has no idea when to expect it.

Last night he felt guilty and decided to go get his prescription filled by himself. He ran into Walmart and grabbed a cake. Red velvet, to be exact. I acted excited and pretended to love it. However, if you were to list my favorite desserts from most to least, red velvet would be at the bottom right next to lemon cakes. I will eat it when offered it, but would never choose it for myself. But, seriously, don't tell him that. He rarely reads this blog, so he will probably never see this paragraph...

But, on the upside of the whole deal, my brother called me. Yep. My selfish, spoiled brat brother called me on my birthday.

My sisters didn't call, but my brother did.

I think I fell into some parallel universe or something. Granted, I have forgotten to call my sisters many times. I'm just inconsiderate that way. However, the fact that my BROTHER called is shocking, especially next to my sisters not calling. How strange is that? Here's a glimpse of our conversation...

David: Happy birthday Sis!

Me: Thanks!

David: How are you?

Me: Great!

D: What did you get?

Me: Nothing. I guess I've been "nuttin' but bad." (I let out a weak laugh.)

*Crickets chirping*

D: Gee, I'm sorry.

Me: That's okay. I guess Kelsey's doctor bills were my birthday present. (Trying to laugh in an upbeat, I have no worries way.)

D: (very relieved at the topic change) So, how is Kelsey? Is she stupid now?

So, there you go.

My brother called me. We had a conversation typical of him.

But not my sisters.

My husband forgot my birthday, but ran to the store to get a cake and cards, that he didn't bother to sign.

My grandmama meant to call, but got busy and forgot.

My youngest daughter thought my birthday was today, and when she realized she was off a day, cheerfully sang me "Happy Birthday" with all the enthusiasm a 7 year old can muster and played a game of charades with me as a present, plus I got to be President of The Day in her club. A very high honor indeed!

Bookworm said she was going to make me a present because homemade presents are the best...Then she started playing and forgot to finish it.

It seems that I'm surrounded by people who are as inconsiderate as I am. I'm guessing they learned it from me, who forgets just about everyone's birthday but my own...

But, seriously keep your eyes open for an update on the Non-Crafters dollouse!


Dawn said...

You got two virtual happy birthdays from me. Surely you didn't expect a card. I'm terrible at those. Hope it was happy anyway!

Dawn said...

I just read that wearing socks to bed helps you sleep.

Marilyn said...

I think wearing socks to bed would drive me crazy. And I am sorry that you haven't gotten my card, I didn mail it along with a card for Brent on Monday. Have a better week. M

Marilyn said...

Oh and by the way, your sister did mention you on her blog. She had a picture of her and your other sister and it was mostly about them but she did mention you.

The Lumberjack's Wife said...

My husband and my best friend have both forgotten my birthday before. It is a bummer.

Well, happy late birthday! I missed this once yesterday, I guess.