Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bad Decisions

Hey, I just posted a comment at The Suburban Life, and had another inspiration for a blog!

Top Secret Information: I am actually typing this on Friday. Studmuffin will be here any minute, expecting me to be loaded and ready to go. Sadly, my list is not complete. I still have to do floors and bathrooms. And go to Walmart. And I remembered I need to go to the library to return some movies, and extend my checkout on a few items, as internet at my folks is sketchy.


I did make a lasagna for my neighbor (not on the list), cleaned the gerbil cage (also not on the list) AND did a workout!

Yes. I am amazing. Feel free to feel insignificant.

However, none of that is the point of this post.

Before I get to the real point of this post, I must share a sad story with you. This morning our local news show wished a happy anniversary to a couple who has been married for 24 years, and never fought. Why is that sad, you ask? I find it sad that they are willing to LIE on television just to look good! For shame!

Now to the real point:

The point is that 13 years ago Studmuffin made a poor decision. And he has been paying for it ever since.

You see, I took my a family member's advice to take 287 north out of Texas to Oklahoma, instead of our usual, burning up the pavement trip up I35 to I40 and across...

We got stuck behind a cotton truck. A very slow cotton truck. One that was impossible to get around for forever, or at least 30 minutes, whichever comes first. Studmuffin was the King of Annoyed, and Righteous Indignation, that I took "stupid back roads when the interstate is always faster...."

Well, the argument went on and on and escalated to these two statements:

Me: FINE! You can pick the route from now on! But YOU will do all of the driving!
Him: GREAT!!! At least I won't pick these stupid back roads!

So. He has driven every where we go ever since.

For 13 years.

Whether it's 3 miles or 700.

He drives.

Yep. I stick to my guns....I'm sorry, but he made a very poor decision when he threw down that gauntlet...And I have happily picked it up and held it like the prize trophy that it is.

So, today he will drive. And I will read and finish my bloody quilt patch for Molly.

And all will be right with my world.

The End.


Anonymous said...

Too funny! My husband always drives, too, but just because I loathe driving.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! My husband always drives, too, but just because I loathe driving.

mindy@thesuburbanlife said...

Ahhh...a woman who sticks to her resolve. That'll teach the men to get all cheeky and critical. Now, if I could only get Jer to criticize my laundry habits... =)

Getting My Words Out said...

Love it.
My husband told me when we had our first date that he "had to" do all the driving....I nearly wept with joy!! I hate driving, especially on long trips.

I hope you're having fun!

Dawn said...

"for forever or at least 30 minutes, whichever comes first." Haha! Les usually drives too, unless he is to sleepy. He wants to be in control. And I've been told so many times I'm a bad driver, that perhaps I am!

Anonymous said...

Too precious. I love these kinds of stories. We have a similar situation when it comes to power tools...