Monday, May 10, 2010

Don't Get Your Panties in a Wad!

Disclaimer: This is not my story at all. It is a story recounted by my sister's sister-in-law years ago, like when I was in junior high.

But, it was so hilarious, I remembered it, and now I will share it with you.

And, I will hog all of the glory!!


We will call our heroine Crystal.

Because that is her name.

And, I'm sure she is totally okay with me stealing her stories from 20 years ago and recounting them to the entire blogosphere.

Or 5 whole people that may read this...

But, just in case you're wondering, I'm again debating the whole heroin/heroine spelling. I'm pretty sure I picked the right one, but who can be bothered to actually look these things up?

Certainly not me!

Crystal had taken a shower and was ready for bed...She got an invite for a late night trip for ice cream.

She was in college.

She was footloose and fancy free.

Of course she went for the ice cream!!!

Then, she came home and went to bed.

*Isn't this the most hysterical story you've ever read? I know you are totally clenching your cheeks in excitement!*

Anyhoo, the next morning she got up and went to class.

Where she noticed something balled up in her pant leg.

She reached down and pulled it out.


In a moment of horror and mortification, she dropped the panties and kicked them away from her.

Soon, the person she kicked them to noticed the panties under her desk, and kicked them away...

Then the NEXT person noticed the panties and kicked them away...

And, in my memory, this little drama played out for the entire class.

At least, that's how my memory remembers her story.

Aint'cha glad I totally just pirated that story for my own uses?

Yeah. Me too.


Dawn said...

Heroin--the drug; heroine--female hero! Perfect except it was was in HS and totally mortifying if it were in college.

Dawn said...

and more totally mortifying than if it were in college. sorry, I was interrupted in typing the above!