Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Conversations


This post is going to start with a serious case of bragging. Because, clearly, I am a hard worker, and you should all feel slovenly in comparison. So pay attention, people!

On Saturday, the day before Mother's Day I did the following tasks:
Washed windows.
Washed doors.Washed blinds.
Washed curtains.
Cleaned ceiling fans.
Washed every single light fixture.
Flipped mattress.
Washed all bedding.Cleaned my refrigerator. (I think we had enough penicillin in there to treat a third world country.)
Did 3 additional loads of laundry.On TOP of making monkey bread for breakfast, serving leftover hot dogs for lunch and running to Taco Mayo for dinner (where everyone requested bean and cheese burritos, and I wondered why I didn't make my own at home).

OH! And, I made a fantabulous purchase on my way from returning one of the girls' friends to her parents, and I will share that with you later.

But, returning to conversations regarding Mother's Day:

Bookworm is helping me wash the two windows flanking our front door. They are the easiest to wash, as they have no screen and can't be opened, so no yucky track or sill to clean dirt out of...

Dirks Bentley is blaring from the radio..."Gonna get a little bit siiidewaaaays..."

"So, Mom... Am I going to get paid for this?"

Me, looking slightly surprised, "Well, I guess you probably will. I hadn't really thought about it."

"I was just asking."

And she promptly disappeared to her room, where she only had to wash her own window, but she did make me a Mother's Day card...

Fast forward to 7:30. I have been cleaning since about 9am. I am running high on endorphins and bean burrito with a sense of accomplishment. I am hanging Bookworm's freshly laundered, curtains.

"Wow! My arms and shoulders are tired!"

"I bet they are! But, just think, Mom. You'll get all of this work done today so tomorrow you won't have to!"

Good to know, darling. Good. To. Know.

Next, we can consider this morning. Bookworm and Studmuffin got up bright and early and made me pancakes from scratch, with whole wheat flour (not even my recipe, and they were fabulous), fresh strawberries, and of course coffee.

Bookworm: Mom! Breakfast is ready! Only Dad & I worked on it...

And, I saw that to be true as her sister was on the couch under two blankets watching Disney Channel....

After breakfast, Popcorn addressed her primary concerns in all avenues of her life: Would she have enough time in her day to play.

"Um, Mom? Remember you don't have to do any work today..."

I look around and see the piles of blankets, sleeping bags from sleepovers and piles of unfolded laundry (I said I did them, not folded them all!) There is window screen (new rolls) on the table along with stacks of bills and papers to file or toss....

"Oh? Are YOU going to do all of the work today?"

Popcorn looks slightly distressed, "I don't know," in a voice barely audible, but with her most wheedling smile firmly in place...

"Well, do you think your daddy will do it?"

She ponders this for a minute...

She leans forward, then whispers conspiratorially, "Why don't we just pretend it's not there?"

I like this kid's style.

So, I am sitting here blogging, my children are locked in their rooms for the day after a fist fight following church (clearly my children are full of the Spirit following worship), and Studmuffin is folding clothes and watching Science channel. Next, I'm off to clean out my closet. Which may lead to cleaning out junk drawers in my kitchen (sadly, I have about five of those...hanging my head in shame here).

Because I want to.

And it will make me almost as happy as all of those things I did yesterday...

Because, sadly, not much makes me happier than a big list of all the things I've accomplished in one day.

I am a dork.


Dawn said...

Don't you just love that feeling of accomplishment from cleaning so much stuff! And I'm sure they are full of the spirit of, of, of, something :)

Anonymous said...

Loved your comment about the fist fight after church!!
Thanks for the smile! Happy Mother's Day, darling!