Friday, May 7, 2010


It doesn't work.

Surely you've heard that by now...."Don't nag. It only irritates your husband."

So, being the quiet, demure and submissive wife that I am, I don't nag.

What's the point?

It doesn't work!


Instead, I try to play helpless and frail.

Which really doesn't work either... Ya' know, the whole bossy, nursey, I-know-what's-best, assertive personality doesn't bode well for the frail, helpless deal.

Then, I try sticking my chest out and doing the whole bend and snap thing. Hey, I've even been known to offer up certain *ahem* rewards for a job well done.

Which obviously has a pretty good return on the investment.

However, there are times, when even that fails. In those times, I pull out the big guns.

I blog.

For example, did you know what I am getting for Mother's Day?

Yes, I already know.

You see, my Mother's Day gift is the gift that keeps on giving.

And giving.

And giving.

I'm getting new bathroom faucets!

I know, I can feel your jealousy pouring through my computer even as I type. Please. Restrain yourself. Covetousness is NOT appealing.

You see, he OFFERED to buy me new lawn furniture. Which I have wanted forever.

But, we still have Holly, and she will eat any new lawn furniture that we acquire. She ate a pool pump that a fence was built around, so what's to stop her from eating furniture sitting easily within jaws reach?

Plus, two out of three faucets were dripping, and we couldn't get them to stop...

So. I'm pretty sure they will be installed by the end of the day on Mother's Day.

You see, that's the beauty of this here blog. Studmuffin can't let the whole blogosphere know he didn't get my faucets installed!

Post Note: I had started this post and planned to upload pics of the boxes of faucets before Studmuffin got started. In typical, my-husband-is-the-greatest-style, he had the first installed by 8:15 this morning and was started on the second.

Drat. He totally stole my thunder.

Perhaps for Father's Day I'll get him the matching light fixtures for him to install...


Studmuffin said...

faucets - check
garden sprinklers - check

Heidi said...

HA!! I LOVE your faucets baby!!!!! Its a real 'turn on' LOL Sorry I had to say that!!!! Nice job SM!

Dawn said...

You are so thoughtful to have already decided what to give him for father's day!

Dawn said...

And I see that studmuffin left a comment! What a studly muffin!

Anonymous said...

加油!充實內函最重要!Beauty is but skin- deep. ....................................................

Paulette said...

Very nice. Hunnybun is pretty handy but if I feel he is not moving fast enough, I do not nagg, oh no, I begin the project myself. When I begin a project, such as hanging a ceiling fan, I make sure to carry the box in front of him and then close the door so he cannot see what I am doing. Eventually curiosity overcomes him and he comes in to take over. Works every time!