Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Bucket of Vomit in My Garage

Friday: I picked a bucket of peppers. Noticed the poblano's had spider webs in their little wrinkles...Yuck! I then placed the peppers in a bucket of water...To drown the spiders, y'know.

Saturday: Studmuffin decided to make roast.

"Hey, Babe! How about roast for dinner? Do we have any peppers?"

"Oh shoot. I picked some yesterday, but the poblanos had webs in them, so they are still sitting in a bucket of water in the sink in the garage...I hope they're still good."

Studmuffin brought in some peppers, sliced them up, then threw them in the roast.

Sunday: I walked into the garage. I saw the bucket of water with peppers in it. Hmmm....

"I better drain that water off and see if those peppers are any good." So, without further thought, or consideration of consequences of peppers sitting in a warm bucket of water for 3 days, I dumped the whole kit and caboodle in the garage sink.

The smell almost knocked me off my feet...

I fled the scene.

"Studmuffin! Seriously, I almost just puked. That bucket of pepper has rotted and it smells like vomit!"

"Do you need me to take care of it!"

I stopped in my tracks. I was shocked. But very grateful...."YES!!!"

1.5 seconds later: Studmuffin bursts back into the house. Apparently the smell had spread through the garage. It was horrific...And, some of the peppers had turned into slime and slid down in the drain. (Remember, I just picked up the bucket and DUMPED. I confess to no forethought in this action. Forethought has never been my strong point.)

He opened the doors. He tackled the problem. He cleaned up my mess, that I'm pretty sure is somehow his fault, because he should have emptied the water when he grabbed peppers yesterday!

And, let me tell you he has whined about his hand stinking all evening. He washed it. He rubbed lemon on it. He rubbed it on a stainless steel spoon.

He claims it still stinks.

What a wimp.


Marla said...

Oh geeze. I could see myself doing that. I normally have a good stomach, but stinky thinks make me want to throw up.

Thank goodness for your hubby!

Marla @

Taylor said...

And just think. You ate them. said...

I've got to say, it's situations such as these that make me glad I'm a married woman. No shame in sending the man out to take care of all things insect, serpent, rodent and vomit-inducing related. :)

Paula said...

Hurray for Studmuffin. Now he needs to tell THE Man it is okay to handle those things...mine claims he can't control the gag reflex so I always get the stinky stuff.

Dawn said...

He may be whiny but at least he cleaned it up!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow - eww. Has he tried spraying Clorox clean up on his hands? That's what I did the first year of motherhood. Rinse, repeat, rinse, lots of lotion.

The problem is, I think some smells get in your nose and your hair follicles and your skin, and unless your owner bathes you in a vat of tomato juice and blue Dawn.....

Hey, in your last post you mentioned South Texas - where were you, are you still in Tx.?

Andi said...

Cottage child: We lived in a small town south of San Antonio. We lived there about 4 years, after living in Arlington for 8 years, and now we live back in Oklahoma! So, I nearly became a Texan, after living there 12 years from 20-32, and having kids there and all, but our family is from OK, so we're happy to be back with them...But not happy about state taxes!