Saturday, August 7, 2010

I Never Was Like the Other Girls

Attention: As I started this post, I realized I had started a similar post and never completed it back in May, so I'll paste it here, then continue with my thought process, which of course, is long and drawn out....

There are indicators that I could possibly be a Nerd.

Or at the very least different.


An Original.

One of A Kind.

Or...If you must say.... I'm nerdy.

Studmuffin and I celebrated 14 years of wedded bliss on Tuesday. We decided to paint the town.

We started the evening with an incredibly fattening meal at Olive Garden. I heart Olive Garden.

I heart their salad. Their bread sticks....Their Seafood Portofino....

Okay, I feel my wasteline expanding as I type, so I need to move on.

We went to Bricktown in OKC and wandered around, then went to a movie.

Because we're such a romantic couple.

I love super hero movies. That's why we went to Iron Man 2. It was awesome. I loved it. I want to buy it. I can't wait to watch it again...

Here's a shocker: I refuse to go to movies that I know will make me cry, or read books that could possibly make me a better person. No. I would much rather read a trashy romance, or a Clive Cussler action novel or even Agatha Christy. I heart Miss Marple...

More indicators of my "differentness:"

I also don't like sports. Can you even imagine? I live in Oklahoma and I have zero interest in sports. I take my very best naps during football games. I do enjoy live basketball, and I even understand all of the rules, but I would rather read than watch it on TV.

I don't do technology. I blog. I check email. I look at facebook if someone friends me or sends me a message. But I don't own an iphone. I'm pretty sure it would be a waste of money. I would never bother to buy applications, or download them, or whatever. Have you noticed my blog remains unchanged? I can't be bothered to update my blog look! What are the odds I'd bother to try new apps?

Guess what else you will be surprised to know!!!

I don't buy music.

Not CD's.

Not down-loadable music.

No music.

Unless my kids want it, then Studmuffin downloads it, or I buy a CD and pop it in their stocking or valentine bag or Easter basket, or whatever.

Surely only strange people do not buy songs, but instead listen to the radio nonstop?

So, now I will continue with my new post, with a brief interruption to tell you that while I typically avoid chick flicks, the girls and I went to see Ramona and Beezus...


You will laugh! You will cry! You will love every stinkin' minute of it!

Returning to post:

I had an epiphany my freshman year of high school. I became glaringly aware that I was "not like the other kids." I remember very clearly that we were in Algebra. We were discussing which day of the month it was...I stated very confidently, "Well, today is Tuesday, so it is clearly the 14th."

Silence descended. My friends looked at me strangely. Jennifer finally said, "Why does being Tuesday make it the 14th?"

"Oh! I always look at the calendar at the beginning of each month so I can see which day of the week will be divisible by 7. This month it is Tuesday. That makes today the 14th."

Crickets chirped.

All eyes turned on me, with jaws slightly dropped...

I immediately blushed and began to sweat profusely...

And, I slowly realized that the other kids did not think like me. They thought I was totally weird to think that way at all...

And THAT, Gentle Reader, is the day that I realized I am just not like the other girls!


Freckled Hen said...

I have always felt that way, too. It's okay though, right? To be different? I hope so!
PS I like the seafood port at OG, too.

Dawn said...

Gosh! We must be sisters! I'm almost just like you except for the technology part!!!! And the healthy eating part! oh and didn't you say you like exercise? That part tooo!

Anonymous said...


Marilyn said...

I can understand all of that my dear, except I do like some sports...not on TV but a real live home town Friday night game. Mmmmm maybe it is the visiting that I do there that I really enjoy. I also have a thing with numbers. Yo are not wierd, you are smart.