Monday, August 23, 2010

Saturday Morning

Saturday morning, my oldest looked like this by 6:30 in the morning...
I tried not to be bitter, but since when did she need to look so grown up? She went fishing with her dad. Did you know she got tackle for her birthday? Much to my surprise, she was disappointed in her lack of crank bait, and also concerned that whatever she had did not dive below 3 feet, when according to the fish finder the fish were around 8 feet, so she had to borrow some of her father's. She plans to use some of her birthday money to stock up on tackle.... WHAT??? I fear they speak a language I know nothing about.
But I'm okay with that.

This fellow dashed in the door as they were leaving. Apparently he needed a break from his life as an outdoor cat. Judging by the scratch on his nose he had a little "encounter" recently with the gray cat. I hadn't seen the gray tom cat that was terrorizing him since I sicked Kelsey on him a few weeks ago. In hindsight, it was funny, although at the time I thought I was on the verge of witnessing a blood bath, and I really wasn't up for it...
I was in the backyard, and Kelsey was at the front gate raising a ruckus. I went to see what the problem was. I didn't want to turn her loose on whatever she was wanting after in case it was not the annoying stray, but a pole cat instead. Well, as soon as I saw the gray cat, I opened the gate, and yelled "get it Kelsey!"
She tore after that cat like nobody's business.

And chased it right onto my favorite neighbor, Rebel's porch. (Um, no he is not really my favorite neighbor. His name says it all.) I had a moment of qualm for fear Kelsey would actually corner the cat on his porch and kill it...Thankfully, the cat zigged and Kelsey zagged and tore off in between some houses, and I haven't seen hide nor hair of him since...

But, apparently Oliver has.
Poor flufferpotomus.

Well, I headed out to start some water on the wilderness that is my garden, and this sight met my eyes.
If you aren't an early riser, Gentle Reader, you should consider it. If for no other reason than you get to see this every morning.

Isn't God good?

Oh, and you really should check out the link I placed for your reading enjoyment. Y'know. Just in case you forgot about Kelsey's amazing hunting skills and all.


Taylor said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Freckled Hen said...

She is a pretty! She sounds like a serious fisherman.
Your sunrise picture is pretty, I am an early riser, a grumpy one. It's hard to stay grumpy after watching the sun come up.

Stef said...

Wow! That is awesome that she loves to do something like that with her dad. I wish that my husband would fish with my kids...only he doesn't know how to fish...and..then it would just be funny. She is beautiful. If you figure out how to keep her young, let me know! said...

My 7 year-old got dressed the other morning and came out of her bedroom listening to her iPod and smacking some gum.
I felt like I'd been punched in the gut.
I'm not ready for this. Glad to know I'm not alone.
And, yes...God IS good. :)

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Paulette said...

Hey Andi,

I enjoyed your post. Have a great week...