Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The SECOND First Day of School...

All of my little chickens are officially in school...

Please disregard her incredibly dry knees...She actually had her Doctor appointment that day. The doctor gave her a stern talking to about dry skin that will crack and bleed and leave scars...

I'm happy to report her knees are now nicely moisturized!

In other news, I have lots to do today. You know I like lists, right?

What I need to do:
1. Plan this month's budget. Yes, I realize this is a tad late considering it's already the first.
2. Go to the bank.
3. Go to the store. My kids had to eat crackers with Nutella on it for breakfast. They LOVED this. I did not, as I fear they will be starving by lunchtime.
4. Clean the black raspberry jelly off of my dining room carpet. Popcorn had made herself some toast with the very last slice of bread, and dropped it face down...Of course.
5. Clean...When do I NOT need to clean?
6. Do laundry.

Now, I will provide you with the list of what I WANT to do:
1. Rip out my garden. I'm tired of it, and it's full of weeds anyway.
2. Rip out the carpet in my dining and living room. Who puts carpet in the dining room?

What my husband wants me to do today:
1. NOT rip out the carpet. He wants to "discuss" it some more...

Gentle Reader, may I remind you of our "discussions" in the past? They never accomplish anything. I finally went to the store and bought paint for my counters, and that scared the cash right out of him, and the next thing you know I have new counters and backsplash...

So you see, I feel compelled, nay OBLIGED to take action! It is the only sure way to prompt us into action!

Sidenote: He feels we will be cold in the winter with hard floors. I feel we should quit worrying so much about what might happen, and instead focus on my stained cream colored carpet in the dining room! Again I say, WHO PUTS CARPET IN A DINING ROOM!!!???


Paula said...

Rip. It. OUT!!!!!!

Dawn said...

Rip it out--or spill some of that counter top paint on it! :) We pulled out our garden last week. It wasn't too great--the idea, as usual, is always better than the reality.

Anonymous said...

You guys are no help. .