Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time Management

I have a very dear friend who recently started working full time for the first time in a long time.

Well, she used to be a dear friend...

Then, we both had to start working all the dad gum time, and now we hardly see each other. Now, we are more of "Hi! Nice to see you! I used to lunch once a week with a friend who looks a whole lot like you!"

Anyhoo, we ate Mexican with our families after church on Sunday. We discussed her new adventure in life...And the changes that always come as a result of a new job.

She said she was going to pick my brain about how to play this game of work and raise a family, and try not to let every thing else fall apart...

What flattery! She thinks I've got it all together!

What a pal! What a gal!

Gentle Reader, I obviously have her fooled!

In all honesty, I do enjoy organizing. Planning. Making a list and checking it twice...

All of these things work for me. However, the reality is, strange as I may find it, not everyone wants to roll the way I roll...


That being said, I have been thinking about her dilemma, and what a challenge it is to go from working occasionally to nearly full time, and the shock that is to the whole family.

Well, my very first recommendation, is to find a nanny. Particularly a nanny who will do your dishes, straighten your house, supervise homework, chores, and run your kids to various things such as piano lessons...Generally, the nanny needs to be able to step in and take over the vast majority of parenting responsibilities.

Because, let's be real, Gentle Reader. If Mommy's gonna work full time, something's gotta give...

Gentle Reader, if you skip this step, I fear there is little I can do for you...

Just kidding!

I do have tips for you. If you're interested, that is...If not, then I suggest you skip the next few posts, because I've decided to break this down into a few posts, so I have plenty of room to impart my wisdom to you, my Gentle Readers.

However, before I get too far in these posts, I'd like to know what questions you may have for me, a veritable fount of information. And, if by some freak chance of nature I don't have a good answer for you, well I fear I will have to stoop to desperate measures...And lie.

Oh! And, I would love to hear your tips for managing a busy schedule too.

So, bring on the questions! Give me your suggestions! Share your ideas!

Disclaimer: This author may or may not feel compelled to claim your ideas as her own...Depending on how good the idea is, that is! I certainly don't plan to pass on any more drivel than I already do!


Paula said...

Give yourself permission to let go of some things... especially if you don't have a nanny to take over what you can no longer do. You will learn that some chores must be done for your mental well being and others can be handed off. ALWAYS remember that just because someone doesn't do things the exact way you would like it done does NOT mean they are wrong.

Marilyn said...

Remember that folding clothes is a family affair IF they want to watch TV they must have the basket of clothes folded. Socks that are wrong side out stay that way....They are right every other time.

Dawn said...

So--my best tip is to have a husband that doesn't work on Friday--and is a bit of a neat freak. That means he will do the vacuuming and the majority of the laundry! Yay Me!