Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Time Management Tips

Okay, since most of you are apparently either super lame, or super lazy, which could very well be interchangeable, I will post the two, count them TWO tips I received from devoted followers who actually bother to read me and/or leave comments...Now, if you are new to this blog, or have been busy and unable to read posts lately, here's the link to what we're talking about...

Paula, my beloved sister, who finally has a blog, and also comments on MY blog, so therefore she may actually be the favorite (at least for the next thirty minutes) had this to say:
"Give yourself permission to let go of some things... especially if you don't have a nanny to take over what you can no longer do. You will learn that some chores must be done for your mental well being and others can be handed off. ALWAYS remember that just because someone doesn't do things the exact way you would like it done does NOT mean they are wrong."

Good advice, sister mine. Good advice. Did you know I used to be psycho about how towels and washcloths were folded. My darling husband used to go in and re-stack the wash cloths where they did not line up with folded side facing out, just to jack with my mind...I am proud to say that I am now totally over that.

Okay, maybe not totally. Sometimes, I reach in to get a washcloth, and I can't help myself, I have to re-stack them uniformly.


I have issues.

Next we will visit with my Mom, who happens to be my very favorite mom, and that is a permanent condition as she is my only mom...Are you confused? I am.
"Remember that folding clothes is a family affair IF they want to watch TV they must have the basket of clothes folded. Socks that are wrong side out stay that way....They are right every other time."

Another great piece of advice. Have your kids take care of laundry folding.

The only piece of advice I will add to this particular post is to spread out chores. Make each day a designated day...Monday is vacuuming, Tuesday is dusting...Etc.

Of course, no day is dusting day for myself. I don't dust. I also don't scoop dog poop. My children do all of the dusting and scooping in this house. It is their job not mine. So, dusting is a bad example for myself...

But you get the idea, right? This idea is actually from my mom. She used to break up what was done when. Otherwise, you are killing yourself in your free time to get the whole house clean, but if you do little bite sized pieces all week, it's not so overwhelming.

So. That is the extent of advice I have for today.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I have tons of advice to give. I'm simply bursting to share it all with you. However, I will have a rare case of self restraint, and wait to see if some more of you lazy people might actually leave a comment on how you manage your family/housework/job in today's busy world...

You do know how to leave a comment, right? Simply click on the work comments, then go to the box and type it in! If you don't have an ID, simply comment anonymously...Then, click submit! You can do it! Now, go! Comment!!! Clickety-click-click!


Anonymous said...

Make a list of things we needed to get done for kids/hubby. Aunt C

Dawn said...

So, since you're going to be rude that I went ONE day without reading your other tip is to keep all the lights in the house dim so that you can't see the dust. And don't rearrange tables or shelves--the marks give your lack of dusting abilities away. AND inform everyone that it is the girls bathroom to clean--it absolves you of all responsibility for it!

Megan said...

Plan chores out and decide what can "take care of itself" while you are doing something else. Although, I usually just sit down and watch TV while the laundry is going…bad habit!

Taylor said...

I make a list of everything that is bothering me. Like if I see that the tub needs to be scrubbed and the kitchen floor mopped, as well as all the regular pickup, I get overwhelmed. But when I write down what is really bothering me, what really needs to get done, and I do it, things look much better! Also, the girls like to pick a thing or two to do on the list to help.
And today, they scrubbed the tub. I have yet to check it.
But for now, in my dreams, I shall imagine it clean.

Freckled Hen said...

Usually around here I assign chores and they do a horrible job. Then a month later I get really mad and yell at everyone. And they do a better job. This cycle has been repeating for 17 years.

Anonymous said...

I cant imagine why you don't have many followers. Rude!!