Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What is Happening in My Living Room Right Now.

Studmuffin is cleaning a gun.

Popcorn is practicing handstands, cartwheels, and walking on her hands. So far I've managed to keep her from doing front flips. We still have 2 weeks before she can do contact sports. None of these are true contact activities, right?

Oh, and just so y'know...Those people who said you never recover your previous level of energy after mono need to come meet my youngest. If this is decreased energy I shudder to think of a higher level!

Bookworm is watching Wipeout and cackling uproariously.

Oh. Lovely. Studmuffin just literally hiked his leg to better let rip a gargantuan gas bomb...

Why do men do that?

I am staring at my computer blankly. Because I'm tired and my creative juices are nonexistent.

Then, I looked around me and realized reality is pretty entertaining.


Dawn said...

Sounds like Popcorn is recovering nicely!!! Your family can be more entertaining than tv anytime! if they aren't driving you crazy!!!

Taylor said...

Gross, Studmuffin.


Freckled Hen said...

You are right! I often forget this. We have a headstander, too. If she sees a vacant 3-4 foot area anywhere she is tempted. She is 5'7and has crashed into a variety of interesting things.
The words gargantuan and gas should never be used together...

mindy@thesuburbanlife.com said...

Cleaning a gun AND letting out gas bombs? Sounds like my hubby's long-lost twin. He doesn't happen to play Modern Warfare on XBox 360 and rock a goatee does he? If so...these dudes need to meet. :)

Paula said...

You have a GREAT life!!!

Dawn said...

I'm still thinkin' about that gun cleaning and gas releasing!

Marilyn said...

Well, either he feels totally comfortable with you ...Or maybe he DOESN'T