Thursday, October 28, 2010

Camp Snoopy

Did you know we went camping? Did you know we own a pop up camper? Did you know it's from 1969 and has been in a Quonset barn, unopened since 1972? Did you know it's actually pretty warm (we didn't even use a heater) and beats sleeping on the ground? Did you know it didn't even leak when it started raining Thursday night and that the rain didn't stop until Friday after lunch? Did you know it's easier to put up and take down than a tent? Did you know this is the only picture I took of it, while I'm pretty sure my sister Dawn took at least ten?

Well, now you do!

Did you know that we went to an estate sale and a multifamily garage sale? Oh, and don't forget we also went to the thrift store. Did you know we go there every year?

Did you know I found these Camp Snoopy glasses from McDonald's for fifty cents?

Did you know I found an Eddie Bauer jean jacket for three bucks, and it fits perfect?

Did you know that I actually had a really cool crafty idea that we did as a group, and I took pictures with Paula's camera? Did you know she better blog about it?

Well, now you do.


Marilyn said...

For some reason I never took one picture. I know my daughters are going to provide a bunch.

Dawn said...

I really didn't take many pictures either after the first day! I will send you my pop up pics!

Taylor said...

Did you know I am freezing today? Did you know I really want some pasta? Now you do. ;) said...

I remember those Camp Snoopy glasses! I mainly remember my brother switching me drinks when I wasn't looking if I got the one he wanted, after he'd already taken a drink out of his and before I managed a drink out of mine. Yuck. Did you know I still hold resentment towards him about that? :)