Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cheesy Grins

I was on call Monday night. I got home from work about 6 pm. We had forgotten to set out the chicken we planned to eat for dinner. Read here: I called Studmuffin on my way to work and the conversation went as follows.

Me: Hey, Babe! I forgot to put out some chicken to thaw. Could you grab some and just get it started in the microwave, then put in the fridge before you leave for work so we can have it for dinner tonight?

Studmuffin: No problem. I'll go get it right now.

Me: Great. Remember I'm on call tonight, so try to get home by 5:30 so our nanny doesn't rebel and decide to get a job at McDonalds where she will get off on time.

Studmuffin: No problem. See you later. I gotta get the girls to the bus. Love ya.

Me: Love you too...

We always every conversation with "love you." I do that with my family too. I think it's important to say "Love you" every chance you get...

That way, when you get home and there is no meat thawed for dinner, you can remember that you love this person...The same person who left work at the same time you did, and therefore did not relieve the nanny until nearly 6 pm.

Moving on. We decided to have sandwiches. Not our usual egg sandwiches, which I highly recommend on any day at any meal. We went for lunch meat, cheese, chips and salsa.

Don't you just love how I'm too lazy to even bother to rotate this picture?

I love cheese. I got the above cheese the other day. I can't really describe the taste. It's strong. Very cheesy...But not so strong that you can taste it when you're done. I recommend it if you're looking for a change up to your sandwich routine.

Me: Do you like that Havarti cheese?

Studmuffin: It's okay. A little strong.

Me: Huh...

And, the meal continues. Bookworm eating her sandwich with turkey, cheddar, salsa, corn chips and mayo on whole wheat. Popcorn opted for a pb&j made with Jiff Natural and homemade jelly, thankyouverymuch....I was eating turkey with the Havarti cheese and mayo. I was quite pleased, if a little sad to be out of lettuce and tomato.

Suddenly, Studmuffin got a very surprised look on his face, and he pulled the following OUT OF HIS SANDWICH!!!

The lower wax paper is the portion he had left in the sandwich. I placed it with a normal piece of wax paper that was placed between the slices to keep them from sticking...

Seriously! He ate 2/3 of a piece of wax paper before he realized it was in there! "I wondered why my ham seemed to have such a thick skin on it!"

And, there was much mirth and joviality at our table. I love a good belly laugh.

When was the last time you had a good laugh till you snort bout of hilarity? Please share!


Freckled Hen said...

He ate it? That is funny!
We are due for a good belly laugh...but usually when we have one it is at my husbands expense.

Dawn said...

I've tried to eat a bologna sandwich with the red stuff still around the bologna before! And you know what? I don't think you can get that kind anymore--sadness, sadness.

About cheese--have you ever tried Dill Havarti? It's in a chunk--yummmmmmmmy!

Paulette said...

Loverly! Heh Heh Heh!

This evening my daughter told me I resembled a football player and a sumo wrestler! (Not a good way to score points for Christmas.) To find out why, check out me blog!

Taylor said...

Love the mirth!
Love the joviality!

I need to laugh great belly laughs soon! said...

Absolutely laughing out loud! Loved it.

Especially the "that way when there's no chicken thawed you can remember..." (paraphrased)

Marriage. As long as you can laugh you're in it for the long haul.

Andi said...

Amen, Serial Swooper.