Saturday, October 2, 2010

Funny Apples and Your Tips

I had bunco here Tuesday night. Bookworm took a bag of diced apples out of the fridge for her lunch the next day.

While those two statements may seem unrelated, they totally are.

Bookworm took out her apples, pulled a bite sized piece out of her bag, and had a strange discovery. The apples smelled very strong, were soft, and, and, slimy?...Her apples were actually diced smoked gouda cheese!

Oh, Gentle Reader, she was quite disappointed. Quite.

Aaaannnd then she and her lunch buddy Britni giggled like 5th grade girls do, and continued to share their lunches like they do every day...Minus the "apples" of course.

Now, on to the time management tips. I know the suspense has been keeping you all on pins and needles.

We will begin with a chat with Dawn. Remember Dawn? She's my sister who inspired me to blog with her post about wetting her sleeping bag on a family camping trip...Go on over and visit her! She's just full of interesting information!
"So--my best tip is to have a husband that doesn't work on Friday--and is a bit of a neat freak. That means he will do the vacuuming and the majority of the laundry! Yay Me!"

Yay you indeed, Dawn. Yay you, indeed.

And, please, no bitterness or resentment towards the girl who's husband cleans her house. He is in the ministry, so you can bet he works every. single. Sunday.

So, shall we discuss the convenience of such an arrangement? I guess it's probably unnecessary as I think it's pretty clear why it's such a genius set up...

Just so we're clear: So far my family has suggested a nanny to solve your time management problems, or have a husband do the housework on Friday while you are at work.

I'm sure you will find each of these tips very helpful and life changing.

Since all of my suggestions have been a family affair, we'll just keep that theme rolling. My Aunt C decided to chime in and share her advice. Guess what? Aunt C does not have a blog, but she did email me a super great picture of the two of us together!

Aren't we just too cute? If a little grainy! I did a quick copy image location, and it came across tiny, so I enlarged it...

Anyhoo, on with her super inspired words of wisdom:
"Make a list of things we needed to get done for kids/hubby."

Great advice Aunt C! Perhaps I somehow subliminally absorbed this as a child when I was visiting. Not that I ever participated in any cleaning or chores at your house. I only remember running in and out and eating and going swimming and basically just having fun. I guess you saved the chores for the immediate family...

Here's how I've implemented her words of wisdom: I made a list of everything to be done before bunco. I then ran around screaming like a drill sergeant until every single item was checked off.

Gentle Reader, I simply must confess that while I undoubtedly absorbed her list making skills subliminally, that is all I can place at her doorstep. Aunt C would never run around screaming like a drill sergeant. I remember very clearly thinking she never raised her voice or lost her temper when I was a kid. Even then I found it simply amazing.

Now, I find that impression nothing short of miraculous.

Hey! If you just stumbled into our time management series, please leave your best time management tips in the comments section!


Paula said...

Aunt C IS the most amazingly calm person and still one of the most fun. She is never boring, always creative and never seems overwhelmed.

Marilyn said...

Well, I can't see the picture. Oh well......