Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sarah's Wedding

Sarah got married this weekend...She walked down the aisle to the same music as we did. Remember the scene in Man From Snowy River when Jessica's playing the piano? Click here to listen to Jessica's Theme. That was what the bride walked in to....
AND, they left to the same music...Remember the music played when he's on the black chasing the brumbies? That's what they left to...I can't find the clip of that scene on youtube.
they even copied us on their honeymoon...I'm pretty sure they're destined for years of marital bliss...

Gentle Reader, please don't ask what is happening in this photo. Thank you.

The kids of all ages enjoyed the photo booth. Below you see Paula's boys and my girls. They are one classy bunch, let me tell ya.

My sisters & I decided to pose with Grandma Irene. I'm told I favor her. If that's true, I'm gonna look fabulous when I'm 90!

Of course, I had at least 3 people come up and say "You must be Dawn's sister. You really favor her." Then, when I would talk, they'd say, "Wow! You even sound like her!" All of this was total news to me. Because, really, nobody has ever told me that I look like her. Strangely, we've both been told we look like Wonder Woman, and Linda Carter...(hint: you may want to check out those links. I'm just sayin')

Oh, and as you can see, Paula is just the blonde version of us...Truly. Nobody can deny kinship in this here clan.

Below, you see my precious Bookworm trying to take a serious photo session...

The last photo is a blur because her beloved cousin Elvis was picking on her, so she had to stop and throw her shoe at him. Again, there is never any drama or high-jinks in our house.

OH! And, of course, here's the bride and groom. I don't know, but something tells me he's gonna fit in just fine.


Freckled Hen said...

It's been fun for me to get to know you and your sisters, you are each so very nice. You guys look like you know how to have a crazy good time. And yeah you do look like Wonderwoman!

Dawn said...

I had forgotten that you used the man from Snowy River music at your wedding! The day was so fun and I'm so grateful for everyone's help! Love you!

mindy@thesuburbanlife.com said...

I love that photo booth idea! Don'cha just love weddings?? Oh, that I could do mine completely over. With new color schemes...and flowers...and music...and maybe I'd marry an heir to a fortune...er, I mean, same hubby. :)

Prairie said...

Looks like you guys had fun - as always. And yes - there is absolutely NO denying the family genetics in this clan. : )

Crazy Sister said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! What fun wedding pictures! Looks like a good day.