Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm having them.

They just don't want to fly from my brain to my fingertips in the form of a blog.

On a brighter note, my nanny gave me a revelation about myself yesterday. I said, "Darn, I forgot to buy milk on my way home. Oh well," and I ate a spoonful of peanut butter.

She then pointed out to me that most people feel they are out of food when they have no bread, milk and eggs. If I'm out of peanut butter I'm out of food as far as I'm concerned. I can never run out of peanut butter.


It's inconceivable...What would I eat?

Speaking of eating, I didn't eat at work today. Not because I didn't have time, but because I honestly didn't think of it until it was nearly time to leave, so I just left a few minutes early.

Then, I ran to Walmart to pick up some photos I'd gotten developed (the first pictures I've developed in a year and a half.) I then realized I was starving, and had to fight myself to buy only what I came for.

Then, I went to Braum's. I'm proud to report I bought milk, tortillas, apples and bananas. I started eating a banana on my way to the car.

Oh, and as far as not eating at work? I don't know what happened there. One of the physician assistants I work with offered me a sample of an energy drink...

My coworkers begged me not to do it, then promptly decided we'd split one three ways. I didn't notice an energy boost, but I do know I wasn't hungry until 2pm. I ate breakfast at 6am, so that's pretty amazing.

Most would say I don't need energy, I'm hyper enough as it is, however, I've had the darnedest time getting out of bed at my normal 5am time. Seriously. It's all I can do to drag myself up and start getting around. And, as soon as supper is over I'm absolutely wiped out, and can barely make myself clean the kitchen. On my days off, I'm accomplishing little.

So, I thought I'd give this Zilla drink a try. You only drink 0.75 ounces of it. Maybe that's why I wasn't hungry? Who knows.

Well, I'm off to start scrap booking, which I'm actually officially quitting. I bought a plain old album with lines to journal, and I'm just stickin' my photos in...

I am so rebellious.


Freckled Hen said...

You are so funny!
I admire you for nursing--very much actually--thank you for making this choice! I can only imagine how hard some days must be, especially when you forget to eat.
PS I love peanut butter, too. It was on sale for 1.97 in the base grocery so I bought the last 5 jars. That's me being a rebel.

Michelle said...

Officially quitting scrapbooking *gasp*! I love it. Unfortunately, I'm too bogged down in it to give it up. However, I am looking at digital scrapbooking. Seems much easier.

Taylor said...

ha ha!
How can you go that long without eating? I can go like 2 hours, max.

Andi said...

That's normally all I can take too, Taylor. That's why it was so weird. I'm the queen of grazing. My locker has granola bars, healthy trail mix (no M&M's) and almonds in it. I also keep a stash of dark chocolate and hot cocoa mix for bad days. That is not even to mention the peanut butter. Yes, I even make sure peanut butter is available at work at all times...