Saturday, November 20, 2010


The girls and I went Christmas shopping.

We visited our church's quilt show.

I put 96 pictures in an album. I journaled by every single picture. Because every single picture needed some sort of explanation or wise crack. The pictures ranged from June 2009 to November 2010. It took me hours just to sort through my digital albums and decide what simply HAD to be printed.

This is the mental image I carry of my dad. Work shirt, jeans and boots, doing farm stuff. Mom is always in the kitchen when I visualize her. Where do you visualize your parents?

I talked to an old friend from Texas that I haven't chatted with in months. I'm pretty sure she remembered that I'm a chatter box after our 90 minute conversation.

I moved my clutter from one place to another while we chatted. Does that count as accomplishing anything?

I need to make food for the church Thanks4Giving dinner tomorrow.

I also have to bring food to work Tuesday.

Studmuffin emailed me a link about his company party on Wednesday. He seemed to think I'd have an idea what he should sign up to bring.

My reply was as follows:

And I'm receiving this because? You realize your daughter is home sick today? I was so thrown off kilter that I've decided I will not accomplish one solitary thing today. She clearly needs my undivided attention, and I cannot be dettered from that goal... I have a potluck at work Tuesday too. I plan on taking ham and noodles to my coworkers. I don't know what to tell you about your lunch... Let me know how that works out for ya!

Your gracious and subserviant wife.
His reply:

I just thought you might have a suggestion as to what I should sign up for based on what we have that I can fix.

Nice save Studmuffin.

Nice save.

Speaking of Studmuffin, he's hunting this weekend.

I miss him. I'm pretty sure it's his fault that I haven't been more productive this weekend. When he's here I'm constantly doing things because I want him to get off the couch and do his honey-dos...

Whereas when he's off fishing or hunting I become completely unproductive and go into an immediate vegetative state.

Is that sick and wrong or what?

Just being real here.

Alright. I'm off to bake brownies, file some piles of papers that seem to be multiplying at alarming rates, and probably drink some coffee.

Did I tell you I bought a Kuerig? That thing has brought me more pleasure than anything I've bought for myself since I was in 8th grade and used my money to buy myself a trampoline. They were both totally frivolous, unnecessary purchases, and they both made me literally giggle with glee every time I looked at them.

Attention: I fear my coffee consumption could skyrocket in the near future. Good thing I'm at work so dang much, since I don't have time to fantasize about my next cup of coffee there.

On a completely random note, here's my facebook status today:

I've recently realized that laziness is a slippery slope...And then you just lay down and slide further in because it's easier than doing all the stuff you haven't been doing. Then the stuff never goes away, so you figure, "Oh well, what's the point" and the cycle continues. Not that I'm speaking from experience...

In closing: Grease is currently on TV Land. What yahoo actually thought these characters looked anything like high school kids? They all look minimum mid 20s...

Okay, I'm really finished now.

Over and out.


Dawn said...

When I saw Grease at about middle schoolish age, I thought those people pretty much looked like high schoolers. Of course as I watch Grease now, I realize it was nowhere near appropriate for a middle schoolish age person to watch. The words to Greased Lightning are way bad....

Marilyn said...

I have never watched Grease. Spunds to me like you had a productive week end. You are so right about lasiness, but then the reality hits and you know you are the one who has gotta do it, so you get off your duff and try to do some of it before company comes for the holidays.

Freckled Hen said...

I like all the stuff you wrote, it feels like we just had a conversation. So envision me nodding my head in agreement especially about Grease.