Saturday, February 26, 2011

A New Washer and a New BFF

So you heard all about getting the washer home a few days ago...I am sure you have been waiting for me to tell you how I came to own my very own front load washer, right?

Well, you see, it all started with a trip to Kohl's a few months ago.  I took some Christmas money with me.  I needed new jeans, you see...

Yada yada yada, I ended up only using a small amount of Christmas money, and the rest I put on me debit card...

Why yes.  Yes I did catch some grief from my husband regarding that shopping spree.  My only justification was that I was saving money for new floors.  And keeping my Christmas money for that endeavor seemed like a totally logical idea.  Never mind that I spent the money regardless, the green paper money stayed in my cash stash, so in my mind it was never spent!

I am nothing if not completely logical at all times...Unless it suits me to be illogical, and then I can totally justify that illogical thought process.

Fast forward to last weekend.

My favorite husband announced that Ultimate Electronics was going out of business and they had everything on clearance.  He wanted to go get a new washer.  I threw on my socks and shoes, grabbed my cash stash and headed out the door in my yoga gear sans makeup.  I was in the passenger seat with the garage door opened in 2 minutes flat.  Strangely, it seemed as if the rest of my little clan took forever to meander out to the car.

We went to Ultimate Electronics.  They had two Samsung washer right next to each other.  Only one was like $600 more.  I asked my helpful sales associate, Harvey what the difference was.  He was wonderfully honest and told me that the other had a steam cycle that most people would not use and was therefore probably an unnecessary expense for us. 

He was instantly my best friend.

Sadly, his status as my BFF did not last long.  The only washer they had in that particular model of washer I had picked out was the one on the floor.  What you need to understand, Gentle Reader is that I have no problem whatsoever buying floor models.

I once bought a floor model dishwasher that had recently had the front panel changed, for $150.  It had a $100 mail in rebate for Maytag at the time, so I walked away with a brand spanking new dishwasher for $50.

I bought a new stove several months ago.  I also got the floor model for this stove, as they had recently changed all of the burner grills to cast iron, and this particular stove still had the porcelain coated burner grills.  I happily bought it for $400 less than the newer model, with an additional 20% off for taking a floor model.

I am doing a little happy dance right here on my couch as I type this blog thinking about my bargains...

I am sure my whole face lit up when good ole Harvey told me he only had the floor model left...

"Well, since this is the floor model can you take any more off of the price?"

"I'm sorry, ma'am.  We are being liquidated by a liquidating firm, and I can't give you an additional discount.  In the past I would have been able to offer a deeper discount for floor models."

Now at this point my darling husband tells me my shoulders slumped and my face fell.  I'm tellin' ya.  I was like a little kid who's had his candy taken away!  I literally had to walk away and think about if I really wanted to buy a washer that I could not get a deeper discount on!

Obviously, I opted to get it.  My on again off again BFF Harvey told me that he could get me one still in the box from another store if we would go get it. We opted for that one since he couldn't give me an extra $120 off like I had been secretly hoping for...

He also told me not to look at dishwashers yet as they were going to be marked down more and that he would give me a call if a black one came in (they had at least one more shipment of those coming) so I could look up the model online and see if I was interested.  He took my name and number with the promise to call me when the next shipment of dishwashers came in if I felt the price was low enough.

That Harvey.  He knows me so well.

No wonder he's my BFF.


Me said...

Isn't it amazing how new appliances can bring us such great joy.... I just got a new stove and fridge... same place as you got your dishwasher for the very same reason... Life is beuatiful in my kitchen these days.

Emily Sue said...

I am so jealous... I have never in my life owned a new washing machine. Enjoy it!

Sarah (Castor) Kamolz said...

Haha! You should let Dave Ramsey know how awesome you are!