Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Mother's Wisdom

My beautiful Mother and Grandmama.  Two women who have given me more wisdom than I ever asked for.


Can I get a Woot! Woot!

I was telling my mom ALL about it on my way in to work on Monday morning.

Me:  So, he got home with the washer that evening, and we started to unload it.  Now, he had asked a friend to help unload it, but Larry had knee surgery at the end of November, and I wasn't sure he should be lifting it.  And I'm pretty strong, y'know, so I decided I could help him.  Only I couldn't get a good purchase on the box it came in.  He told me to go ask the neighbor, Colby, to help unload it.  I said he needed to ask himself.  Which he flat refused to do.  Men!  They are so stubborn.  I suggested we get Molly to help, as she was just sitting in the recliner watching Disney and he scoffed at that too.  Finally, we decided to take it out of the box because then maybe I could grip it better.  So we took it out of the box, but it was still ungainly, and I was afraid I'd drop it.  I enlisted Molly's help.  Studmuffin said he'd get it from the front if we'd get the sides.  And then he lifted it.  But we didn't really have a good grip on it, so we ended up just moving our arms into different positions as he muscled it from the back of the truck to the ground.  After he sat it down commented how heavy it was.  Molly & I nearly wet our pants laughing at our uselessness....

I imagine this was my facial expression...
Mom:  WE just left ours in the box when we got it unloaded.

Wait a second here, Gentle Reader.  Did she just interrupt my ongoing ramblings to criticize my always carefully thought out actions?

Me:  Well, like I said, if you had been PAYING ATTENTION I couldn't get a good purchase that way.  But it's okay because Studmuffin got it out, and I'm pretty sure the damage he did to his shoulder was only minimal.

Mom:  Well, let me tell you what your dad would have done.  He would have gotten some boards and made a ramp off the back of the pickup, and then slid it to the ground.

Me:  Mooooom!  Why do you have to be such a know it all!?

Mom:  Cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle!

The farm wife in all her practical farm wife-ish ways.
No, Gentle Reader.  This was not a laugh.  It was a cackle.  A cackle elicited at my poor expense...*Sniff*

Me:  Mom!  Nobody likes a show off!

Mom:  Cackle, cackle....

And I would like to present to the audience that it is indeed true that a mother's wisdom, imparted after a bout of stupidity is NEVER appreciated.

The End.


Sarah (Castor) Kamolz said...

HAHA! I JUST LAUGHED OUTLOUD!!! That is so funny! Yay on the new washer!!! Woot woot!

ummm... My word verification is "poddi". Shall I use it in a sentence? Easy! "I need to poddi!" Or, "You are such a poddi mouth!" Haha!!

Emily Sue said...

For some reason this reminded me of "And that's why you don't teach lessons to your father..."

(And that will make NO sense if you're not an Arrested Development fan.)

Marilyn said...

I loved it and I especially love the pictures. I miss my Mom.

Jen said...

"it is indeed true that a mother's wisdom, imparted after a bout of stupidity is NEVER appreciated." Best line ever! Ah, how we have all been there...