Saturday, May 21, 2011

Down the Toilet.

So my husband is cleaning out the garage.

I'm in the house "cleaning." 

Out my email that is.  I'm proud to say that I went from 183 messages to 40.  Soooo no.  I may have not read all of the new ones. 

I did read in PW that I'm supposed to blog nearly daily to have a successful blog.


And I should blog like I talk.

Let's see:  Rambling.  Flight of ideas.  Dramatizing.  Incessant thought process sharing.  Over sharing....

Check that off my list...

I posted about an end to our drought...And I posted that it had been a LOOOOONG time since we had to monitor water due to our septic.

We had seven inches of rain Thursday night into Friday morning.  At least that's what the weatherman said.  I know our pool rose 5 inches, then overflowed the skimmer, so that's my most concrete estimate....

Studmuffin said I cursed us with that silly post.

For all of you who are keeping up with/care about our septic issues, here's the latest.

The city said call the Department of Environmental Quality.

Taken a year ago during a heavy downpour.
The DEQ said it's agricultural and there's nothing they can do. 

The NRCS said it's agricultural and we can't do anything unless the farmer behind us wants a pond.

The farmer behind us refuses to have water drain through his field to his pond that already exists on his property.

Andi thinks the farmer needs Jesus in his heart...

The DEQ said that they "never recommend anyone in this part of Oklahoma to have a traditional septic as our soil is just too poor."  

Yet another sign that the developer of our subdivision did not care about what was "best" but rather what was cheapest for him.

The good news is that with the economy the way it is, we can now install an aerobic septic system for $2000 less than we could last year...

Hopefully that will happen in about 3 weeks.

Anyone know how two tight wads can get an aerobic system as a hand me down?

Me neither.


Paula said...

Wow you have a powerful voice...come to my house, talk about rain, break our drought. We have had about 1/2 inch of rain this year.

Marilyn said...

We too would love to have some of your rain. Good luck on the septic system.

Dawn said...

Does an aerobic septic system sweat or breathe hard or wear tights or legwarmers?

Crazy Sister said...

Septic sounds like a pain. Poor you.

Andi said...

It keeps you from getting an aerobic workout from hauling water out of your bathtub and sinks...You can run water any time you want so it saves energy for me!