Monday, May 23, 2011

Pea gravel, Mowing, and Salsa.

My husband and I were discussing my dream flower garden Saturday morning.  He informed me that nobody needs to "get rid" of pea gravel, so I will be unable to find it cheap/free.  He feels I must resign myself to paying for it.


I say we wait and see, because two years after first discussing and then ditching the extremely pricey aerobic septic we are doing it for 2K cheaper than if we'd done it the first time we couldn't flush our toilets!!  "God always blesses me in very unexpected ways." 

Studmuffin had no comment.  God knows my tightwad heart and that finding things super cheap makes me super happy...God will bless me in this. I just have to wait and see.

Is being cheap a spiritual gift?

I just hope He doesn't make me wait too long.  I hate waiting.

I fear my old garden area will be quite unsightly if I wait two years for the bottom to fall out on the price of pea gravel.  See it's not just impatience!  It's practicality!

I'm guessing I will be mowing with a push mower for the rest of the summer considering we are dropping a hefty sum literally down the toilet in a few weeks.

My thighs will thank me for it.

Speaking of thighs:  I made salsa at 9pm on Wednesday night from the last of my tomatoes from last summer's garden.  I had a craving and no salsa, but the ingredients to make some fresh.

I ate an entire jar Thursday.



Dawn said...

You could bring home 'free' gravel a cup at a time from various parking lots but I fear that it would take you a couple of years for that too!

Marilyn said...

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!Bring me a jar of your wonderful salsa.