Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tom Sawyer's Got Nothing On Me.

I'm typing this on Saturday morning.  I just made the near fatal error of going into the garage to ask Studmuffin a question while he was cleaning.

He tried to put me to work.

I ran in the house lickety split and made a fresh cup of coffee and called my Grandma Irene on the phone.

I rattled off my reason for calling and she said, "Well, honey, there's nothing in the world I'd rather do than talk to you on the phone, but right now June is here and we are going to decorate."

Grandma always decorates graves the weekend BEFORE Memorial Day so that everyone can see how pretty her family's graves look when they are out on the day...I say she misses lots of socializing by being such an early bird...

Anyhoo, there went that excuse for not helping...

But if I went to help I would have had to put on shoes.

And a bra.

Neither of which I had any desire to do...

Now I'm going to call one of my sisters...Or my mom.  Maybe some friends from Texas.

All I can say is somebody better pick up the darn phone so I can be occupied when he comes back in.

Question:  Do you think he'll help me clean house later today?

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Dawn said...

Now I feel so used....