Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I May Be in for a Rude Awakening

I only have about 5 weeks of summer left.

Where did it go?  We haven't gone to the zoo or the museum, and we've only been to the lake once!  The wind has kept our little boat off the lake, and when it wasn't ridiculously windy, the girls had either swam all day while I was at work and got terrible sunburns, or had bizarre skin rashes.  I haven't even been to see my grandma.  Good grief.

The good news is that my girls have made the most of their summer.  Well, if one is referencing housework they have.  I work Monday through Wednesday now, and I don't like the thought of them just sitting around doing nothing all day, so I make sure they have chores every day.  Would you like to see an example of daily assignments for them?

Well, if not, I suggest you move on.  Otherwise, here ya go.  Mind you, these chores are given in list form each morning, along with a silly comment or note, and possibly individual goals I have for each child daily.  I usually close the list with a comment about having a great day, and Love, Mom.  The awesome thing is that Bookworm actually writes a little note back to me!  She will say something like, "Hope your day was great too!"  It's sweet. I love it.   Anyhoo, here's the deal:

Feed & Water animals
Sweep and mop all hard floors.  Shake out the rugs!
Popcorn:  Be sure to work on your multiplication facts today.
Bookworm:  Your sister is not allowed to go outside due to her sunburn.  Scoop dog poop this morning while it's still sort of cool.

Feed & Water animals
Run vacuum
Popcorn:  Make flash cards for your 4s and 2s.  It will help you memorize them.
Bookworm:  You can clip my coupons from Sunday's paper if you want to earn more money to your iTouch.

Feed Water animals
Popcorn:  multiplication
Bookworm:  help your sister with multiplication.  It helps you too!

And then here's the real beauty, Gentle Reader.  I am off work on Thursday and Friday.  Since my kids have been working to keep the house in order all week, all I have to do is clean the bathrooms and do laundry!  Yes, they can do laundry if I made them, but I prefer to do it myself all at once with our stuff.  So, on Thursday I am free to have friends over to swim and have a casual lunch.  And I don't have to clean so company can come!

Is this a beautiful thing, or what?

I have gotten so spoiled that yesterday when I walked in and saw that there were lunch dishes in the sink, I was baffled.  How could this be?  How dare they leave dishes for me to do!  I decided that as many dishes as they have done this summer I could do a few pots and pans.

So, what do you think will happen when school starts back?  I fear that I will have a messy house.

Either that or I will have to start cleaning it myself.

But I'm not sure the situation will be as desperate as all that!

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KiteFlyer said...

Can you send Bookworm and Popcorn to my house to teach my post-teens how to clean? We keep hoping they'll do it voluntarily. Don't kids do the opposite of what their parents did?