Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kind of Like Martha Stewart

Today is July 9, 2011.  My last post was June 15.  I have not even looked at my blog or anyone else's for that matter since then.

Attention:  This post will be scattered with random pictures that I feel compelled to share.  They may or may not apply to the topic at hand as you scroll through this all important and fascinating post. I will even include my thoughts on these photos as a caption.  Aren't you excited?

I had a dear friend tell me her life was incomplete without my ramblings...Okay, maybe she didn't really say that, as she is not nearly as dramatic as me, but she did say she missed my pointless ramblings.  It's good to know I've been missed.  By the way, for you reserved folk, you might want to try being a dramatic over reactor occasionally.  It really does add an extra flair to your day....Anyway, I have just been busy.

Busy doing everything and nothing.

Why yes, my daughter is beautiful.  But thanks for saying so.  Here she's sitting in the lawn watching fireworks several miles away.
I have been trying my darnedest to live my summer with the girls to the fullest.

Do any of you have strange summer rituals?  Mine involves toe polish.  My toes must have polish on them.  All. Summer. Long.  Of course, I do not have time to truly keep my feet properly groomed, so I tend to pick a bright, summery color and stick with it.  Every time I reapply, I tell myself, "It's a good thing."  Kind of like Martha Stewart.  In a hillbilly redneck sort of way.  Because I just don't see good ole Martha running around her yard at 6am with no shoes or socks on.  I'm sure she has some lovely gardening shoes.  I have some ratty old flip flops, but when the grass is cool and the sun is coming up, I just can't resist bare feet.

This post will doubtless be pointless and rambling and jump from point to point.
Popcorn has no fear on the tube.  We bought a new ski trainer board, and she was the guinea pig.  "Why do I have to go first," she asked.  "Because you are the brave one, and we exceed the weight limit." It was a disaster with design problems.  The darn thing dove under water when we took off.  Her sister refused to try it, for some strange reason.
We had the end of season softball swimming party here.  We were expecting around 50 people at most, and I think we had about 35 stay.  I had cleaned the entire house from top to bottom, and worked my girls like a drill sergeant.  None of those parents had seen my house, and as I told my kids, "It better be spotless, even if that is nowhere near our reality."  Guess what?  Only two women came in the house, and they didn't go past the kitchen!  However, lots of little kids dripped through the house to visit the potty!  Anyway, after cleaning the house frantically, and making sure the pool was sparkling clean, I realized my polish was chipped.  I had no time to remove my old polish, so I just slapped on another layer.   It was a good thing, freshly painted toes, a clean house, and a sparkling pool.  All was right with the world.

Dang, he's handsome.
I learned that  tea, Koolaid, and water, will be found lacking in the refreshment department.  Some parents will feel compelled to leave the party and purchase large quantities of soda to supplement the drinks.


Nonetheless, we all had fun, and I got to know some of the parents better.

Following our end of season party, we had my family down here for the Fourth.  My parents area has been so dry, that there was a ban on fireworks in there area.  We were under burn ban too, with the allowance of fireworks with proper precaution.  I'm not sure they know my family, and our history of excitement, or they may have questioned that addendum.

We really tried to throw my nephew Kris off of the tube.  The kid just refused to budge.

This year was fun, even without watermelon canons, the purchase of nonthreatening fireworks, or even any near death experiences with fireworks.  Truly, you really WANT to follow the three links above if you are not acquainted with my family's annual firework throw down.  Sadly, we only had a total of 13 for our shindig (which may explain the lack of drama) instead of 30 or more, like my parents seem to have.

Popcorn shows her personality in everything she does.  Especially in red cowboy boots with a swimsuit.  Those red boots proved very handy for stomping out  fires caused by sparklers.  So we weren't completely drama free.
 My family started arriving on Saturday (not counting my parents who had been here since Tuesday. They were staying at a nearby lake.)  We met my brother and his son at the lake first thing Saturday morning for some tubing and skiing.  We were there by 9:30am, and left by around 1:30 pm when all of the crazy people started showing up.

My nephew is getting too handsome.  It is ridiculous.  Seriously.  Ridiculous.

My sister's son.  He and my Popcorn are such great friends.  I love it.

The last of our company left Monday evening.  I worked Tuesday, Wednesday, had friends over to swim and have lunch on Thursday, then worked Friday.  My friend Roni and her girls came over for about four hours on Thursday.  My husband wanted to know what we talked about all that time.  I said, "It's Roni & I.  We talked.  Nonstop.  It's what we do."  It's a beautiful relationship, Gentle Reader.

Does anyone remember that my husband used to be shy?  I have completely broken him of that!

Studmuffin decided our little Dakota had about breathed it's last, and the poor thing could barely pull the boat anymore.  He had been shopping for pickups for quite a while, and finally purchased one today.  I had to go with him to a few dealer ships, and be there to sign paperwork.  Of course, my polish was chipped.  I just slapped another coat on and called it good.  I also made sure to bring a book along.  The girls and I plopped ourselves down on the massive uncomfortable leather sectionals and opened our books.  And pretended that no wheeling or dealing was going on around us.

Studmuffin built this lovely launcher for our fireworks.  It was nice to not have any artillery shells explode in the audience this year.

I went couponing tonight.  I was utterly unsuccessful.  I had missed a Sunday paper, and last weeks coupons stunk.  I think I only saved like $8 in coupons, but I made sure to buy what was on sale and stock up so I won't have to worry about what my sitter's are finding to eat while I'm at work.  My sister Paula called me while I was in the store.  I said it's uncanny how often she calls me while I'm couponing.  She said, "I find it uncanny how often you go couponing."  Well.  There ya go.

Bookworm.  At a safe distance from the fireworks.  Nursing a "twisted ankle."

So.  I think I fairly well caught you up on our going's on.  Hope you all had a great month without me...

My brother.  It is so great to see him happy and smiling.  This smile was gone for way too many years. 

And, now I'm off to bed.  Tomorrow I shall color my hair and possibly slap another coat of polish on my toes.  Who knows, maybe I will find time to remove the previous 12 coats I've applied this summer.
My sister.  I was so glad she stopped in with us for a few days before heading on to home.
But I'm not going to put any  money down on that.

*I did not post this until Sunday.  I was too tired to proof read before publishing last night.*


Dawn said...

It was good to read your post. I was afraid I had scared you off after publishing the previous one to facebook after you didn't! Heehee!!

Paula said...

You and your fam hosted a GREAT celebration weekend! Thanks for letting us invade.

Roni said...

Yay!! My favorite Blogger is back! I've missed you, friend! Thanks for having me and the girls over - they had a blast! And of course I enjoyed the visit - so when are we gonna do that Girl's Night Out? :-)

KiteFlyer said...

Hmmm, when my friends leave a kids party to go buy more drinks, it's usually drinks for just the adults.

Looks like y'all have lots of fun when you get together.

Taylor said...

I've always thought you were just like martha stewart. :)

Freckled Hen said...

Your summer looks perfect and packed with fun! That fireworks stand is genius as we had a mishap that involved my 90+ year old uncle leaping in the air to get out of the way.
It feels strange to read your blog from so far away (our house is in New Hampshire), but distance doesn't matter with blog buddies, right?

Megan said...

You're BAAAACK! Missed ya!

NaomiG said...

Hahaha! I usually, at any given time have AT LEAST three coats of nail polish on... each layer chipped in different places of course. I figure if anyone is picky enough to notice, well, they deserve what they get. And what are they doing so close to my feet anyway?

Sounds like a really fun month!