Thursday, September 15, 2011


When my girls and I visited my folks a month or so ago, I reclaimed the "Middle Bedroom."  This bedroom is clearly MY bedroom, although Mom insists on referring to it as the "Middle Bedroom."  This could be due to the fact that Dawn, being the oldest did not have a bedroom as soon as she went to college.  Instead, her few remaining belongings were shifted to my room, and Paula was given what was formerly Dawn's room, but is now referred to as the "South Bedroom."  So, Paula clearly does not have a bedroom as she originally shared a room with Dawn until my folks built on, then Dawn got her own room (now known as the South Bedroom) and Paula and I shared my bedroom.  There was just entirely too much moving about for Paula to claim any particular bedroom as her own.

David's old bedroom isn't even a bedroom anymore.  It is now a sewing room.  There is not a trace of him to be found in there.  Not even the urine smell from when he decided to have his own bathroom.  After all, he had heard that some people had bathrooms for each of their children.  David, not to be deterred by the then logistics of one bathroom for six people built his very own bathroom.  In his closet.  Granted, it was just a large Folgers Coffee can, but since he had the correct anatomy, it worked just fine for him.  Until my mom decided that the urine smell was overpowering in his room and decided to get to the bottom of it.

Oh.  I'm laughing just thinking about how lovely that discovery must have been!

So.  Back to the original story.  I put my girls in the South Bedroom, and I gleefully dumped my belongings in MY bedroom.  Sadly, my mom has had the audacity to give the furniture to my brother.  And my sister Dawn, Queen of Organization, cleaned out the bedroom, so all I have left is one measly pair of Rustler jeans, a few t-shirts, and a nightgown.  Oh, and a pair of shorts that came from who knows where, but they are NOT the ratty old, falling apart acid washed cargo shorts that I placed in their 19 years ago!  In addition to that, I couldn't find my cheerleading camp indecently short wind shorts!

Oh, the humanity!  My family members are obviously lacking in respect for preserving MY bedroom as it was for all time.


Oh, and that's not all!!  When it came time to ride horses with my darling daughter I couldn't even find my two pairs of socks I had left there for riding horses!  Granted they were a little on the thin side and they were from the 1990s.  But they fit, along with everything else I had left behind in the advent of a wardrobe emergency at my parents!  Those socks were the perfect length for boots.  I was a little discouraged to have to wear my dad's too big socks when I put on my boots.  Now I have to be bothered with actually packing a pair of socks for my boots when I visit my folks.

I swanee.  My life is just so complicated.

Alright.  So now on with my very important observation.  As I dropped my bag on the floor, and pulled my sunglasses off my head and dropped them on the bedside table, I noticed something strange...

Do you see it?  Do You?  Well, perhaps if you have boys it would not strike you at all as noteworthy.  However, I live a life of Liv Dolls and Littlest Pet Shop.  I do NOT live a life of shell casings, pellets and Marvel comic books. 

And THAT Dear Reader, was the entire point of this completely pointless post!

Aren't you glad you suffered through with me?


Paula said...

How do you know that shell wasn't from Bookworm's last visit? She has gotten rather handy with a gun you know.

Dawn said...

I shudder to think of that coffee can discovery. Sorry--the longer I work in the library, the more organized things need to be--even if the things are not mine! :) By the way, I was SAVING you from a fashion emergency crisis by discarding those shorts! And mom there. hahaha!

Marilyn said...

I am so sorry that I have wrecked your bedroom. That is the trouble with having the "home". It is always to be the same. I am sorry that I did not give you the bedroom furniture. Oh the guilt that I have felt over this. I am going to have to quit reading my childrens posts.