Monday, September 12, 2011

Dude Looks Like a Layeedeh! Or: What Depths Will I Go To Avoid Housework?

I got the girls some awesome clip in feathers for their hair...And I decided that my hair was pretty perfect for  them.  It seemed to bring out the inner rocker in me.  I was inspired for a fabulous post, and could hardly contain my excitement.  The only drawback was I could not indulge in my typical immediate gratification mindset, as I had to go to the dermatologist to determine that I was right and Studmuffin was wrong, and the mysterious lesions on my right arm and leg were not skin cancer...However, to prove myself right, I had to submit and actually GO to the doctor.  


Being me is just so difficult sometimes.

The important thing to focus on is I was right and he was wrong, and although I had to get someone with an actual medical license to prove me right the end result was completely justifiable.

I decided to get mentally prepared for the following post by listening to some Aerosmith on my way to my dermatologist appointment Friday.  Because there is nothing like Aerosmith to get yourself in the mood to disrobe for a full body scan at the dermatologist!  (In a slightly unrelated note, I was quite exasperated with myself on my underwear choices that day, as I was allowed to leave that on.  And that's all I'm going to say about that.)

So, I was driving down the interstate, belting out "Love in an Elevator" when I glanced down and realized I was going 80...Well, I was looking for a trip down memory lane, and I confess to seldom driving below 85 when I was in my late teens and early twenties, but that was a bit much.  Even for me.  I decided to keep an eye on the speedometer as I rocked out.

Saturday I finally had time to get down to the serious business of a completely irreverent post, where I would undoubtedly embarrass myself.  Not as much as my Wonder Woman post, but nonetheless, I am sure there will be some serious eye rolling about this one.

Now, my initial thought was to take a few self portraits, but my children assured me I was not catching the full effect...

We decided to do a full concert/dress rehearsal scene.  Following are some photos from the shoot, and live concert I provided complete with edited lyrics so as not to taint my little girls brains with  such lyrics as Steven Tyler is wont to perform.  Photography is courtesy of Bookworm.  

Now, given our supreme likeness, I will refrain from telling you who is who in these photos, but I did include a few snapshots of the ACTUAL Stephen Tyler to give you a better appreciation of my amazing likeness to him.

However, I feel it's only fair that I tell you:

One of these dudes looks like a layeedeh.

And one of us has a big mouth...
Or maybe both of us.  
That is still up for debate.

And one of us has not washed their hair in three days, and in fact took it down from it's bun and shook their head and shoved some feathers in it.

But I will refrain from pointing any fingers about which of us may have a questionable hair routine.

Both of us own an abundance of scarves...And both of us have been known to borrow and loan scarves to our daughters.

Truly, truly, the parallels in our lives are just downright uncanny.

What a funky lady!

I understand if you completely wash your hands of me after this post.  

But if this does not garner some comments, I don't know what will!


Sarah Kamolz said...


Freckled Hen said...

Rock on! You are so funny! Steven Tyler? What are you thinking?
Thanks for the smile...and I'm glad your Dr appt went well!

Dawn said...

Pretty funny. perhaps not so pretty but funny or.. well, I'm pretty sure that ST doesn't wash his hair all that often and probably has worn a bun. too bad you aren't similar in the monetary dept....

Glad your dr. visit was ok. that means I don't have to go about that spot on my leg, since your's is evidently nothing???

Andi said...

EXACTLY Dawn! I meant to tell you that Sunday and completely forgot.

Molly said...

I'm so happy to be related to you :)

Marilyn said...

Where did you come from? You are too funny, Have fun because now because someday your kids will be too embarressed for you to do those things.

KiteFlyer said...

That made my day. ROFL
You and your sisses can never deny being related to one another. The resemblance is too uncanny -- resemblance with each other, not with Steven Tyler....